Your father works in the defense so he is always on the run from one state to another. Therefore hardly you get a chance to patch up with him. In fact, you won’t be able to meet him on this father’s day also. So you decided to list a few father’s day gifts ideas that are a perfect match for the fathers who are away from you.

  1. Godly Idol: As your father is in a different state, so you always wish that he stays fine and away from all evil touches. That is why last year on the father’s day you sent him a beautiful godly idol of sai baba. It is a brass idol which has s glowing sheen on its body.
  2. Personalized Bedcover: Last year your father was shifted to a new working place, but you and your mother could not join him due to school. Soon the father’s day, you tried to send him something touching. Therefore you picked a bedsheet with printed pillow covers. It was the white color with a print saying the best dad and also had a picture of specs and mustache. It was so soft and gave a luxury feel to your father.
  3. Copper Water Bottle: Your father has gone to a different place for a couple of months, so you are a bit worried about him. Thus on previous father’s day, you thought to gift him something useful, which will serve him the best and it was a pure copper water bottle which helped to keep water cool for a longer duration.
  4. For Dad Cushion: These days you are staying from your father due to your engineering. Honestly, it’s i.e. very hard to stay like that because he is your best friend. So on this father’s day, you thought to send him a yellow color cushion with cartoon prints of a dad and a son holding him from the back. It really stated how much deep is your love for him.
  5. Elegant Watch: Your father is a very punctual person; he always likes to keep a track on time. But he is staying out of the home town due to office work and has lost his watch. So on the father’s day, you thought to present him an elegant steel watch with a print best dad ever. The best to note was that the dial of the watch had a mustache printed just like your father.
  6. Best Dad Mug: Last week your father had been transferred to a new destination, no doubt its heart wrenching for you. Still, you thought to celebrate the father’s day from distance. Therefore you thought to send him the personalized stainless steel mug with a print like the most awesome dad.
  7. Minibar Toolbox: This year you have a thought to gift your father a mini bar toolbox as it had all types of bar tool accessories. And your father liked it very much
  8. Pen Stand: As you are searching for father s day gifts you thought to select a pen stand with a vintage clock and a calendar because it will help your father to get engrossed in work as he is away from his family.
  9. Lunch Box: You have moved out of your home due to work so as a daughter you always miss your dad and endeavors to take care of him. You have noticed that his lunch box has lost its quality. So on this father’s day, you thought to add a new lunch box set with a tumbler, container and tropical cups from Tupper Ware.
  10. Coaster For Dad: Your fathers love to have tea now he is away from home due to official work. So you got a plan to send him a wooden printed coaster.

These are some best gift ideas for father away from you.