Nothing beats a personalized gift. With Christmas around the corner, gifts are galore. If there is a baby in your family, you might want to gift her something unique; something that speaks about her. Looking for some gift ideas? You are at the right place.

A gift proves to be the best when it is useful and cherished. Whenever the parent of the baby will use your gift, he or she will remember you. Giving gifts is as beautiful an experience as receiving gifts. When you present somebody with a gift, you also present your wishes, your happiness, your love, and your warmth. Perhaps that’s why Things Remembered coupons are so popular, they are selling like hotcakes. The store offers amazing personalized gifts that help to reflect your sentiments and touch the heart of the recipient.

Here are 12 great gift ideas for babies this Christmas.

1. Blankets

It’s winter and blankets can prove to be the best gift. Customize it by inscribing the name of the baby at a corner. Or buy one featuring an alphabet at the center. Choose the initial of the baby’s name. This is not only a useful gift, but also a thoughtful one.

2. Soft toys

Soft toys are evergreen gifts. You may choose a king-size toy to let the baby snuggle in it or a small toy.

3. Funky bib

If the baby is over 6 months, a bib can pose a great gift. Choose one with cartoon characters on it or something in bright color.

4. Crib

If the parents already have one, skip it. If not, this could be a thoughtful and functional gift for them. You can find a range of cribs in the market. Choose one that complements the room décor.

5. Photo frames

There is going to be a lot of clicking of pictures once the baby arrives. Her first smile, her first step, her first food, and many ‘firsts’ will be captured in camera. Photo frames can prove to be of great use.

6. Baby food bowl

If the baby has begun to take solid foods, gift her a personalized bowl. Make sure you choose one with sturdy material. Even if the baby drops it, your gift won’t crack.

7. Animated toys

Animated toys catch the attention of babies. They fascinate. So, such a toy can prove to be a delightful gift for her.

8. Baby oils and soaps

You can create a gift basket that contains an assortment of baby essentials like oils, soaps, towels, diapers, and other stuff. This would be one of the best gifts. You may also include formula milk, if you want.

9. Book with colorful pictures

Animals, trees, cartoon characters, fairy tale pictures, and more – such books will fascinate the baby to the core. These will also induce their learning.

10. Crib ornaments

Ornaments for the crib pose great gifts. You can hang them and watch the baby smile seeing the dangling elephants, bears, and tigers. She will also try to touch them or catch them.

11. Baby bracelet

Make sure it contains no hard and big materials. Small beads, pearls, or tiny chains, and such designs are great for baby bracelets.

12. Milk bottles

This could be a thoughtful gift. Choose one that can be easily cleaned.

There is no dearth of baby gift ideas. From clothes to play cards to a huge range of toys and soft toys, you can gift anything; but just make sure that it is useful. The baby isn’t going to admire your décor item. So, it is better to give her something that she will use or play with. Or something that her parents find functional, such as a photo frame, photo canvas, baby box in which they can keep items, bottles, baskets, and more.

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