Ah, sailing. Don’t you just love the feel of the fleeting wind in your hair, a soothing sun echoing off sparkling waters, and a stylish boat rocking gently against waters brimming with adventures and surrounded by blissful islands? If sailing is the blood that runs in your veins, these three countries are certainly the adrenaline that few others can compare to:

1) Italy

Most people are familiar with Italy because of its diverse cuisine and rich history, but the country is also a sailing champion in its own right. The Aeolian Islands are alluring evidence of that, offering untamed beauty that typifies what to expect in sailing routes rife with islands of similar grace and greenery. It’s rumored that the Aeolian landmasses were the work of the Greek god of wind, and the seven-courses of unusual serenity they offer would certainly have you thinking a deity indeed was responsible.
Those with a thing for history will appreciate interesting Tropea, which is now home to ancient coastal towns and old anchorages, while car-free Alicuidi offers that nature-laden privacy that is in short supply these days. You can say the same of the Egadi Islands, which have also made a name for themselves as a region rife with sumptuous Mediterranean tuna!

2) Croatia

Croatia might just be the best budget sailing location in the world. The “jewel of the Adriatic” certainly lives up to its billing, offering more than a millennium of islands in a sea with no shortage of intrigue and pristine beauty. From the mesmerizing lure of the winding Pakleni to the surreal nature of Hvar, islands are truly this Dalmatian nation’s specialty. All for a budget that is significantly less than what you’d need to sail in popular countries such as Greece and Italy. Moreover, these many islands hold historical treasures too many to count and are home to many UNESCO world heritage sites, making Croatia sailing a consistently eventful affair. In
addition to a divine beauty that’ll have you questioning reality, you’re bound to appreciate the seafood and general cuisine, which has set the culinary pace for the rest of Europe

3) Greece

A constant subject of discussion within the majority of sailing forums, Greece has everything any sailor wants. Beautiful beaches, check! An expansive history filled with folklore and intriguing tales of past rulers, check! World-class harbors offering the most-breath taking views ever, check! Any sailing compilation would simply seem out of place if Greece were not on it. This coastal country offers exquisite secluded bays and a landscape desperately- and successfully- hanging on to the architecture of old. If you are finding your sailing feet, the Ionian area should advisably be in your sights as it offers excellent training grounds with uninhibited views and favorable winds. Conversely, if you are a seasoned professional, head for the Cyclades archipelago, which offers daring Meltemi winds. If your skillset falls somewhere in the middle of both divides, you’ll feel right at home with the Dodecanese islands.

Set your sails! You can’t go wrong with any choice in this trio as all of them offer synonymous treasures of expansive history, charming people, sightseeing accolades, well-preserved Venetian and Roman architecture, and, of course, a plethora of dreamy islands. That said, Croatia might
marginally win a showdown with its counterparts on account of its pocket-friendliness.