Ghostwriting is a wonderful field that has given opportunities to thousands of people around the world to start their career and earn sack-load of money not just by going office, but also to earn by sitting at home. It is truly one of the blessings for many unemployed people who possess good talent and skills for writing anything and make money through it. It is known by everyone that whenever anything picks a peak and too much hype is created about it, myths started to come into being eventually, and unlike every other thing, there are so many myths that are also associated with ghostwriting.

Let’s have a more profound look at some of these comical myths that go along with the ghostwriting industry.

Myth # 1: Becoming a Ghostwriter Is Very Easy

A common misconception is that becoming a ghostwriter is comparatively a very easy job, whether you have writing skills or not you can become a ghostwriter with ease and also work as a part-time ghostwriter to earn extra money. It is a complete fallacy as ghostwriting not only necessitates excellent writing skills, but ghostwriters must also have the talent to carry out other person’s writing tone in the content to sound exactly like them, as it is the main requirement of ghostwriting career.

Myth # 2: It Is Very Difficult to Find a Ghostwriter

It is surely a wonder to know that in this age of digital technology, people still assume that finding a person to hire for carrying out some work for them is a difficult task. A stumbled thought that resides in many people’s brain is that finding a ghostwriter would be almost an impossible task as they live in secrecy. Such people need to get a reality check that there are many freelance ghostwriting websites and ghostwriting agencies that has an impressive data of the ghostwriters that they assign or offer to hire the clients to get the ghostwriting services. So getting a ghostwriter is no more a troubling task.

Myth # 3: Ghostwriters Are Only Hired By Celebrities to Work on Their Bio & Social Appearance

People who believe that only celebrities get the ghostwriters for hire are totally living a life of delusion, as there are many other types of ghostwriters also in the field that help people with many other works. Maintaining the bio and social appearance of celebrities is the job description of social media ghostwriters. However, there are novel ghostwriters, academic ghostwriters, and so many other categories of ghostwriters that serve in diverse field.

Myth # 4: Ghostwriter’s Salary Is Very Low

Another misconception that dwells in people’s mind is that ghostwriting is a low-status job, and it does not pay a lot. Another reality check becomes mandatory for people to possess, such though. It is important they should know that ghostwriting is one of the highly paid jobs of the world. The ghostwriting career is divided into three portions according to the ability and experience of the ghostwriter. These categories include cheap, affordable and expensive ghostwriters, and one should know that the salary of the cheap ghostwriters starts from $3000 to $15000 for a 300 pages book. However, the expensive ghostwriters earn around $500,000 or more for each project they deliver to their highly confidential clients, which are mostly celebrities and other famous personalities. The wage scale of the affordable ghostwriters usually lies between $25,000 and $75,000, according to the work experience of ghostwriters and the intensity of the project.


Ghostwriting is truly one of the best options if anyone owns a great set of writing skills and wants to start making money to afford their expenses. With the help of this field become so common, many students and unemployed people are able to find full-time, as well as part-time jobs to earn some extra cash. With such hypothetical misconceptions about the ghostwriting industry, many doubts have been planted in people’s heart and mind, but people who have the right knowledge about this field of job knows the real worth of ghostwriting career, and apart from their full-time jobs, they work as a part-time ghostwriter to be able to earn some extra money.