Croatia is where everyone wants to sail in. In a survey conducted, tourism seems to have become a major industry in Croatia with an approximate of 18.4 million tourist visitors in 2018 alone.
And after watching Croatia reaching the world cup finals in 2018 in Russia, it is no surprise that more people want to explore the beauty in Croatia. And after watching the game of thrones- here are the five tips that you should consider before sailing:

Your Budget

Budgeting is a big deal in any traveling/ sailing. If you have to sail on a budget then you need to consider the season that is favorable for you. Peak seasons are often in July and August meaning that you’ve to dig deeper through this season.

However, if your budget is not that big, you can as well decide to visit Croatia in seasons that is off-peak- that is during the spring and autumn. It is advisable also that you visit the place when there are a couple of tourists in the region; this can preferably be in September.
Visiting the region islands either in April or May can be a bad idea because it’s a bit warmer than the rest of the year. I guess you don’t want to feel like a local tourist when you visit one of the beautiful places in the universe?

Consider taking some sea sickness medication

It can be great if you consider natural remedies while trying to adapt to the motion in the sea; this comprises of taking enough water for proper hydration while also taking some deep breaths.

However, it’s not a bad idea at all to have some packed medications which can help in the management of nausea and any kind of dizziness that might occur at the course of your sailing. Beware that movements across the sea can be a though experience until they have learned to adjust life under the sea waves. So be sure to contact your doctor or someone who has visited to help you find the best strategy to prevent and manage any kind of seasickness that may arise.
The attire you will stick to

I’m sure you would love to explore the coastline of the highlands that is available in Croatia and with the daily strolling and swimming in the beaches, you need a different type of attire.
You should have with you some swimming costumes together with some reef shoes to help you move around with maximum freedom. You can also dress up like a pirate if you want and by the way, this is not the time to be official- Time for you to feel better and out of duty. Be sure to pick the right attire.

The Weather
With some beautiful mountains to explore in Croatia, weather can be hard to predict. This is not to say that the climate isn’t great- during the sailing season’s weather is as perfect as you want but it’s important to keep in mind that with nature, things can be unpredictable sometimes.
The good thing though is that most sailors are informed of the best locations that are safe for you in case of weather changes. The rays of the sun can also be strong at times. Until now should have known what you should carry with you.

The Mountains
Wow… wow… Wow. The beautiful scenery is at the heart of Croatian highlands. If climbing mountains are for you then be prepared to exercise. While climbing on the mountains you can view one of the oldest and legendary towns such as Dubrovnik Riviera and Konavle Region.
I hope you make a decision today- Sailing in Croatia is worth it!