Social media has reached tremendous heights in recent years with the growing user base and improved functionalities that cater to the diverse needs of both users and the brands. 

Factually, there are over 3.5 billion active social media users and millions of brands on social media platforms showcasing their offerings to these users. 

Especially for brands & businesses, they must harness the power of social media fruitfully to gain maximum benefits. Social media walls are a trending concept that more brands are using every day one of the coolest examples of this is an Instagram hashtag slideshow which can be used in any event to display live Instagram feeds in slideshow theme. 

What is a Social Media Wall?

Social media

Social media as we know is a hub of engaging, interesting, and entertaining content uploaded by users, influencers, or brands. This content is of prime importance to the brands as it helps serve them their various business objectives. 

A Social wall is the aggregation of content, especially UGC, from different social media platforms into a single feed that can be customized and displayed in events, display screens, or website. 

You can aggregate content from different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. by using hashtags, handles, Profiles, or timelines with the help of a UGC platform like Taggbox. 

The social media wall is an interactive and engaging feed of social media content that attracts and engages the users to the feed. You can display these social media walls in Events, In-store displays, Digital Signages, and Exhibitions, and many more. 

These social media walls have become famous in recent times due to their functionalities and benefits. We have listed some of the key reasons behind the rising trend of these social walls.

Reasons Why Social Media Walls Are Becoming Famous

1. Event Buzz Creation

The first and foremost benefit is that it can help you create the buzz for your campaign, especially offline like events, seminars, or exhibitions. 

You can display these social walls at your events to generate buzz about your event in both offline and online environments parallelly. 

When you will encourage users or attendees to share posts using the brand hashtag, it will amplify your event’s reach and exposure to a wider audience and geographical regions. 

Buzz can be created before the event, during the event, and even after the event as well.

2. Increase Engagement & Interaction

It is essential that as a brand, you create a campaign that engages the audience by capturing their attention. Social media walls let you do that with greater efficiency. 

When you display these social media walls, you give the users a chance to see the best of engaging and interesting content collectively through a single feed. It can drive immense user engagement and interaction with the wall. 

Showcasing quality, relatable, trending, and purposeful content on your social media walls will bring an intensified user engagement. Especially at events, these walls can increase the attendees’ interaction with the event. 

3. Highlight your Users’ Content

As a brand, you might have a hub of user-generated content on different social media platforms that your loyal followers and customers have generated. But if you can’t showcase that to the audience, it will not be as beneficial as it could be. 

With social media walls, you can aggregate the all-powerful and influential user-generated content from social media and display your users’ content as your brand’s voice. 

This will help in increasing your following and uplift your brand image through the display of user-generated content as a part of your campaigns. 

4. Build Trustful Campaigns

It is vital in today’s age that the brand campaigns are trustful and reliable, as users do not trust branded marketing as much as they trust their peer recommendations. 

Social media walls let you build social proof by showcasing the user-generated content as a part of your brand’s campaign. 

Social proof is quite necessary for this age as it shapes a consumer’s behavior towards a brand be it engagement, interaction, and most essentially purchasing. The integration of branded channels with UGC displays can guide users to build social proof. 

5. Brand Promotion

Social media marketing is a great way to generate promotional traction on digital platforms but how do you make the same impact in an offline environment. 

Social media walls provide excellent results for offline promotional activities of your brand. You can use these social walls for the brand’s in-store display to show your social activities and what other users are saying about your brand. 

Also, these social media walls can be used at digital signages, or display screen to promote your brand in an offline environment, directly to the public. 

This lets you create an omnichannel promotion experience that can get you maximum positive results for your brand. 


The more chances you give for your customers to be a part of your brand, the higher your chance of success gets. Social media walls let you do that in both offline and online environments. 

 These social media walls are easy to set up and as a brand, you don’t have to make huge investments in content creation as you can just aggregate the existing social UGC to repurpose it for your campaign. 

In all, it provides you a solution to grow your business with amplified returns on investments.