Roller banner stands and pops up exhibition stands are the most popular ones among the different types of exhibition display stands that are available in the market today. There are almost several ways in which these materials have proven their worth.

They have been utilized massively in every trade show, exhibition, expo, business or product launch. This is one of the best ways to meet your needs while you go ahead preparing for your exhibition stand mockups.

This is how you will need to decide

Understanding the basics of pop up exhibition stands

Although they are mostly utilized for indoor events such as the exhibitions, trade shows, bazaars and more, these display stands for the exhibition are gaining a lot of popularity.

The size is one of the major aspects that will make the pop-up exhibition stands popular and this makes it different from the rest. They come in multiple panels as they are ordinarily larger than the standard one.

Pop up frames, wheeled case, carry case, wraps, double lights and many other things that come equipped with most of the exhibition stands.

The basics on roller banners

While you are heading for an exhibition stand mockup, the roller banners are made a popular aspect for many events and locations as they are also very well known as pull up or roll up banners.

The fact that lies with the set up that happens in just a few minutes and also being easily stored and transported from one location to another is something that makes them a lot more special.

You will naturally be making a great choice if you are choosing roller banners as you are joining a trade show or exhibitions. Even for the outdoors the roller banners or pop up banners make up a great choice. These roller banners have their own stands with a padded carry case along with the printed graphics.

You can find them in all variants as they are available in a multitude of size and shapes and the size ranges from 800 mm to 850mm and also with wider roller banners.

To form an ideal choice for one-time events or premium roller banners that you can utilize for multiple events you have the best option to choose economy roll up banners.

81% of people at trade shows have buying authority, which means the large majority of people that pass your stand are potential customers.

Trade shows are vital to give your business exposure in front of thousands of visitors all relevant to your industry, so it is important to look the part to stimulate direct sales.

Our pop-up exhibition stands work as a high impact backdrop for any promotional event, so if your past stalls have suffered from a lack of footfall, attention, and engagement, it’s time to upgrade to a dynamic exhibition stand.

Pop-up exhibition stands are a great tool for promoting your brand and generating awareness for your message, all within a glance while you prepare for your promotion stand mockup.

Here are the top 5 benefits of our pop-up stands:

1. Easy assembly
2. Optimal portability
3. Available in straight and curved designs
4. In-house studio team to assist with artwork
5. Durable and lightweight

Easy assembly

Our pop-up stands are extremely easy to assemble, as it is structured as a retractable system that you simply pull up and lock into place. This also means it folds down just as easily for transportation. Perfect for quickly setting up your space before your event or exhibition, your exhibition stand will be assembled in just a few minutes.

A valuable promotional marketing tool

Pop-up display counters are vital to getting your stand noticed and to promote your brand successfully. This promotional tool will leave a lasting impression with your potential customer and promote brand awareness.


With the option of being used as a stand-alone piece or as one of our bundles, our exhibition stands work to all needs, as well as the style options of either straight or curved to suit space and design requirements.

Our pop-up stands also have a variety of purposes, due to its durability you could use it for conferences, events, exhibitions, and is the ideal backdrop for official photography to be taken.


We have a studio team of designers, experts in working with clients to produce artwork that encapsulates your brand for optimal performance. The graphics on our pop-up stands magnetically attach and perfectly line up for a seamless effect.


These pop-up stands are great for transporting around, as the durable lightweight frame folds down and packs away easily into a transit case for your convenience. This case is also made to be used as the counter for your exhibition stand, creating maximum efficiency.