Being in a field within the beauty industry is both challenging and fun. Hairdressers are among the many loved professionals who are experiencing the combination of those two. They have a lot of crucial jobs although some people might just think that fixing the hair is as easy as ABC.

The job of a hairdresser is so much more than just keeping the hair chic and fabulous. It’s a profession that many have been living with and many have been aspiring to be in. Aside from the skills that hairdressers learned from expert hairdressing courses, you must also know that if you want to be a hairdresser in the near future, you should have some pleasant qualities that will make everything alright.  

Quality is key, not only in service but in personality. Here are 6 good qualities a hairdresser must carry:



Hairdressers are hairstylists. When the style is the subject, there must be art and creativity. If you want to be a hairdresser, you must be creative in general, and not just in specific areas of art. You must be ready to give your artistic ideas anytime a client needs your suggestions about their hair.

As a hairdresser, you must have a sharp mind on visualizing what looks good and what does not go well for your client’s look. Yes, you must be well-informed about the trendy hairstyles of today but also alert and aware if they suit your client. Just because a style is currently the talk of the town does not mean that it’s always the best choice.

It is important that you have a mind that can go out of the box of hairstyles you already know. It will be really amazing if you will be able to create a style that you yourself thought of. There are many examples from hairstylists online, and a creative mind will be able not only to imitate those crazes but also to give them a twist and touch of your own!

A good hairdresser can shock clients with creative ideas and most of all, creative execution and results!



Since creativity is involved here, there’s a good kind of freedom that opens vast doors of opportunities for more training and learning. In every hairdressing job, there’s a good chance of improving. Every process and every output on every client come with a different experience; there’s always exploring and discovering!

This is why a hairdresser must always be willing to learn and to be taught. Learning does not end just right after you graduate from the hairdressing courses in a beauty school. It goes on and on as you work as a professional hairdresser.

You will surely encounter advanced ideas and fresh techniques as you do research and as you meet other hair enthusiasts along with your beauty career. It is important to have openness for suggestions and comments not only from experts but even from your clients. Clients always have some things to say, so watch out for those who give relevant reminders and recommendations.

Also, the world keeps turning round and round. New things are here and there. Over time, newborn styles occur, so it is so essential that a hairdresser can adjust, go with the flow and cope with them while not forgetting the classics.



When you work in a hair and beauty salon or the like, you will be working with a group of other hairdressers and other professionals in the industry. You will be engaging, communicating and sharing each other’s time, efforts and skills too. You must know how to work with them.

As no man is an island, it’s also impossible to work all alone in this kind of job. Again, you need your own creativity, but it’s very helpful that you also have people around you who can help you and vice versa. There are tasks and client requests that can be fulfilled best when a team is doing it together. Working alone can give you concentration, but working with a team is also vital.



Style is nothing without proper hygiene. A hairdresser cares a lot about cleanliness and grooming and not only the good looks and visuals. Before you become a hairdresser, you must first be personally hygienic. It reflects on how you do your job for your clients.

Not even one client would be pleased to see a hairdresser improperly using, handling and storing the hair care products and tools currently used on him or her. All the facilities must be used with concern. Even the tissues, brushes, cans, cotton, and another little trashes must be disposed of the right way and not just scattered anywhere.

Little things about neatness make a huge impact on customers’ perception of you and your service. It will be very bothersome for the clients and will cause them to lose their comfort and trust in your service if they see nasty stuff about your work.

You must have a presentable and tidy appearance. Make sure to groom yourself first before you do it for other people. Be true to your job and to your clients. It’s key to practice what you preach, but how good would it be if, in good hygiene, you preach the good you practice?



When it comes to styling the hair of a client, you can’t do it on him/her as a draft or practice and after 2 hours, do the actual hairdressing. That’d be funny but not funny! When you’re a hairdresser, you must be ready for whatever the clients need and want as they come for your professional service.

Some clients visit the hair salon for a new hairdo, but many also come to ask hairdressers to fix their ruined hair. They might have accidentally used the wrong hair dye or made some bangs they’re unhappy with just because they were bored. You should be able to help them with their hair problems as much as you can!

On another note, while you do the hairdressing, it is sometimes unavoidable that some things get a little problematic. Mistakes could be unintentional. Your client could change his/her mind about the style he/she told you. Things can go bad and not like what you expect, so it’s an important quality to be a sharp problem-solver.

As a hairdresser who can manage hairstyling conflicts, you must not panic and you must not make your client worry or regretful about the look he/she asked for.



Building a good relationship not only with your bosses and co-workers but most especially with all the clients is superbly significant! An effective listener and speaker — that’s what a good hairdresser must be. Clients tell the looks they want to achieve, and you must know how to understand well and to make those visualizations and ideas come to life for your precious clients.

Each day in the salon, you get to meet different kinds of people as your clients. Everyone has his/her own stories and problems, and sometimes, these people will just speak with you as if you are someone they’re close with.

One of the happy things about being a hairdresser is exchanging stories, good and bad, with clients who aren’t just your clients but who can also be your good friends. Plainly doing your job without any conversation with your client would be boring, a bit awkward and simply not fun! Make the experience an even more enjoyable one! You can even meet people you can actually keep for a lifetime!

Part of the service, which will not really look like a “service” if there is genuine sincerity, is the friendliness that a hairdresser has. While you listen to your client, you must also know how to respond. Even in life stories, they need pieces of advice in, you should share some good stuff you’ve been keeping in there!

Keep in mind that your clients are not just people who will thank and pay money for your service. They are also people who can make you smile by just seeing them smile because of how happy they are with your service. Their satisfaction is your satisfaction. Their grateful smiles are priceless, and there’s nothing better than a happy client for good hairdressers!  




An outstanding hairdresser is what the client loves. Remember that it’s not just the skill that’s important but most especially the quality and personality. Yes, you can also learn these from excellent hairdressing courses, but the truth is that these important qualities are beyond books and readings. They can be learned in life with discipline, with passion for what you’re doing and with a real concern for the people you work with.

Again and again, keep in mind that quality is key, not only in service but in personality



Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for MD College of Australia, a Registered Training Organisation delivering quality education and training in fields under the Beauty Industry. Her writing pieces include topics on beauty school and the chief courses a good one must have such as beauty therapy, makeup, barbering and hairdressing courses.