Like the rest of us, if you are reading this, you must have started 2019 with the resolution to eat healthy food, shed some pounds and get in shape. Well, you are not going to achieve anything if you will just sit in front of the TV and watch shows on your Spectrum TV bundles. You need to follow a diet plan for a healthy weight loss.

Speaking of diet plans, there are so many out there. It’s difficult to know which one is actually capable of delivering results. Worry not, we have got you covered. As per the annual rankings of the World Report, these are the 7 best diet plans in 2019 that can actually reduce weight:

#1: Mediterranean Diet

This diet is on the top of the list. It heavily relies on whole grains, fresh vegetables, and healthy fats. It is also linked to lowering the risk of diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. The Mediterranean diet varies by country and region. It may have a different definition in your region. Generally, it is rich in fruits, veggies, beans, grains, cereals, fish, grains, and unsaturated fats. Basically, you just have to lower the consumption of meat and dairy foods. Instead of oil, the diet involves the use of butter.

#2: DASH Diet

Also known as Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. This diet plan is designed to lower high blood pressure. The focus is to reduce the salt intake and increase the consumption of foods that are friendly for the heart such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium. The diet also limits the intake of red meat, fats, and sugar. Generally, the diet includes 2,000 calories a day but you can adjust the count as per your weight loss goals.

As the DASH diet promotes healthy eating, it offers a number of other health benefits besides reducing blood pressure. It also helps prevent diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

#3: Flexitarian Diet

If you can’t quit meat entirely, this diet is for you. You will just be eating meat once or twice a week. With this diet, you will be able to combat cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

With a Flexitarian Diet, you can reduce your chances of developing diabetes by 28 percent. It’s especially recommended for those who eat a lot of meat.

#4: WW

Previously known as Weight Watchers, WW is tied with your mind. You probably have seen its commercial on TV. Even Oprah Winfrey has successfully lost weight with WW. The diet assigns point values to food on the basis of sugar, calorie, protein content, and saturated fats. The food that is the healthiest has 0 points. That means you can eat these foods as much as you like.

#5: Volumetric Diet

This diet has been developed by experts at the Penn State. The focus is on the consumption of fruits and vegetables in creative ways. The volume-based approach makes you feel like you have eaten a lot. You don’t get the time to focus on the food that you are restricted to eat.

#6: Intermittent Fasting

IF (Intermittent Fasting) has become a popular way of losing weight fast. As you are fasting, you don’t eat for an extended period of time. There are several ways one can tackle it. For example, some people fast for 2 days a week while some set an eating window such as 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating.

It helps reduce weight in the short-term. The only problem is it is not right for everyone. You must understand your needs as well as your schedule to be sure it will work for you. Other than this, depending on your eating habits, you may end up overeating. IF is not a safe option for those with type 2 diabetes or those who are pregnant.

#7: Nordic Diet

This is a fairly new diet. It is based on some core concepts – eating fruits and veggies, whole grains, seafood, high-quality meat (but overall, less meat), organic product, seasonal produce, and home –cooked food. Along with consuming all these food items, the idea is to produce less waste and avoid food additives.

The entire diet revolves around using locally sourced ingredients and leaving processed foods behind. It shares some similarities with the Mediterranean diet as well.

When it comes to following a diet plan, things are not as easy as subscribing to Spectrum Voice especially if you have unhealthy eating habits. You might need the support of friends and family.