With the change of seasons and the start of spring, we have the urge to invite novelty into our home. Change of seasons, requires some slight changes to our decor, as well. Since doing a total remodel is not budget-friendly, we can rely on these ideas to breathe new life into our home.

Give your home a fresh start

Nothing beats the power of a freshly cleaned house. Give your living area a fresh start by deep cleaning it. Start by tackling dusty surfaces and nooks. Go over your bookshelves and even books to remove all dust. Then, once the dust has fallen to the ground, continue with vacuuming. Start with vacuuming the entire space, go over your rugs a few times to remove all dust. Then, wipe your floors thoroughly and also disinfect all surfaces. Then, move to your windows and clean them until they are nice and shiny. Finish the deep clean by cleaning your bathroom and the balcony.

Organize your things

Your home is probably lovely as it is, but the view is probably hidden behind the clutter. You can easily breathe new life into your home by conquering clutter. Clutter is one of the reasons why we feel stressed because tripping over things can make us nervous. Return everything to where it belongs, throw away some things and organize everything else. Get some baskets or containers that fit well into your decor, and finally get hold of the mess you made. 

Lighten the mood with art

Art is a reflection of your character and personality. Give your room a new look by placing a painting or a reproduction in your living room. You can choose one statement piece and hang it in your living room or in your dining room. You can also group several smaller pieces together and create an art wall. Either way, choose those pieces that fill you with positive energy each time your gaze finds them. If you’ve been feeling creative lately, you can even hang your own art. There are many tutorials online you can watch and make your own art and truly showcase your personality.

Make an accent wall

Any room can transition from boring to amazing by creating an accent wall. You can turn a neutral room into modern heaven by painting one wall in a bold color. Carefully consider the color shade of the room and match it with the right shade of the wall. Another alternative to painting a wall is to put up wallpaper.  Pick an interesting pattern you won’t get bored with after a while and enliven the room. You can also use wallpaper to turn an awkward corner into a unique reading area. All you need is some interesting wallpaper, a bookcase, and a comfy chair to sit on.

Spruce up your windows

Window treatments are often the last on our list when we want to change the vibe of our place. But, these shouldn’t be overlooked. When you have the right window treatments, the room feels complete and elegant. Without them, you have the vibe of an unfinished room. Also, trends come and go, but it’s the ones that are dated that can potentially make our home look old. A simple change like switching from curtains to elegant roman blinds by Marlow & Finch can refresh the vibe of your entire home. You’ll feel differently about your home when you update your window treatments.

Brighten your bedroom

We don’t spend as much time in the bedroom as we do in the living room. We probably use this room for sleeping only and getting ready in the morning. But, if we want to revive the vibe of our home, we need to address the bedroom, too. Bedroom linens have the same effect on the decor like the accent wall in our living room. It just has to pop put. Switch your boring linen to something bold like red or fuchsia. Make it look vibrant and lively with the right shade of linens. Add a few decorative pillows on top of new linens and you’ll have a completely new room.

Get one new plant

Plants are a vital element of home decor. Beautiful indoor plants can easily light up up your home and create a serene effect. They also improve air quality, so you are highly advised to keep some indoor plants. If you’re proud of your green thumb and already have a collection of plants, get yourself one new plant. There are many plants you can choose from that are known to thrive indoors. You can also repot the existing plants and use new pots as a new detail in your home decor. If you don’t have any plants in your home, now’s your chance to use them as a decorative element. Start by taking care of low maintenance plants like a spider plant, ZZ plant, or English ivy. 

These ideas will help you introduce new life into your existing home. Add some scented candles and aromatherapy as well, and you’ll breathe new life into your home for the new season.