Travelling is an exotic way of spending life on wheels. It can go from anonymously pleasant to public humiliation in a nanosecond! And that’s what makes it all too exciting for a person.

There are a lot of memories attached to travelling and holiday destinations. One may never want to leave the place to go home and that’s the only sad reality you cannot avoid at all.

When You Plan to Travel Solo

So first of all the most daring part of being a girl is to travel alone! That will remain a mystery to me and my fellas, how even in the age of modernism people can look down upon you. But don’t let the spirits get down and cheer up the mood by going on solo travel anyway.

There are a few things that you realize when you plan to travel alone. Some of it are in favor while some things still seem skeptical even after the experience unlike you go on an Umrah journey with your family where everything is perfect.

You Miss Everyone

For those who don’t have a lot of travelling, the experience can get homesick. Although you have planned your trip, everything seems settled down and yet there is this feeling you get in the last minute making it seem like a bad plan or something bad is gonna happen but to be honest that’s your cold feet talking.

You will miss everyone and the idea of leaving them behind may gnaw at your subconsciousness but you got to move forward!

The Scariest Feeling Ever

Am I missing something?

Did I check my wallet? Where’s my boarding pass? Oh no! where’s the ticket?

I’m going to miss my flight!!!

Such pesky questions come to you all the time when travelling solo. And it’s normal to panic too! if you are travelling solo for the first time then this is bound to happen to you, no need to rush your world upside down with it.

The thought is scary, even fist solo journeys are weird but they liberate you as well. The sense of freedom and success….can be liberating as well. You are an independent traveller you make your own decisions (your own mistakes perhaps_ and learn from them all.

Smile for Life Not Only for a Photo

Remember how one poses in front of Kaaba during their Hajj journey? They look so happy and divine. That’s how u will fell once you visit a spiritual place. But what about the holidays?

One thing to remember is that when you are travelling alone your senses are sharp. Just because you are alone it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t relax. That’s just a myth. Enjoy every moment of it. Take lots of pictures to remember by. You have to teach yourself how to be happy even when travelling solo and that’s the game-changer for you.

Taking pictures with the natives is another way to make memories. They love it when people ask them to pose for a picture.

Quality Over Quantity

The phrase has often merit in one’s life. Travelling will make you learn during your journey how you take all facilities for granted.

When bag packing you have to keep only the essential items you may need in travelling. You have limited access to everything so you use them carefully rather than recklessly (hopefully that will teach a lesson to all snobs) and that makes you learn the worth of everything you had and didn’t have before.

You will poke out your nose from the mobile screen and look around reality. It will change you and once it happens great things will start happening at the core of heart. Being a Muslim traveller, that’s exactly how one feels after Hajj and Umrah journey.

Explore your bilingual skills

According to researches a person can easily understand and lean four different languages in a lifetime. Usually, people can speak two languages easily like French and English or Spanish and English, etc. (you get the idea) but it’s really interesting to learn new vocabulary not to mention that it’s hilarious during travelling too.

Speaking a language, which your tongue is not used to can be a real trickster but,  you learn a lot about culture and people that way.

When you travel you realize how gigantic the world is! Using your skills in understanding various dialects is a serious challenge you can go for.

Trust Yourself More Often

If you have decided to travel to a certain place, then go with it. Your gut feeling has a lot of common sense than you do (trust me on this one). Solo travelling makes you stronger in terms of confidence and being independent is exciting too.

When you travel with a family you are all protected by their invisible shield of love but this time all dices are rolling and you have to take care of yourself!

Embrace people Around you.

It’s not safe for a girl to travel alone.  What are you get mugged or worse? What if you forget the way to the hotel? What if the alarm clock doesn’t go off and you miss the flight?

Just wait for a second! Calm your wits!

Just because I’m a girl it doesn’t necessarily mean I can’t travel alone! Every person has freedom of rights, and using yours will make you understand how life can be once you are on your own. You learn to understand people around you, making each other laugh over silly jokes and so on. There are no such things as strangers once you start talking.

So chill! Don’t overthink. It’s easy to choose patience and kindness especially on the journey it makes it all so much easier. Be weirder than anyone else and get the fun started.

They say let the chips fall where they may, I say arrange the fallen chips according to your mood! You can shape your path when travelling, share your self-made memoirs with everyone and live in the moment.