Bullying is a traumatic experience for a kid. It adversely affects self-esteem, leaves a child in anxiety and depression. And it is not incorrect to say that modern technology creates more opportunities for harassment commonly termed as cyberbullying.

So how will you secure your kids from such threats? What are the methods and procedures to empower children against cyberbullying? The answer to all your questions is by using the best parental control apps.

Below parenting tips will help you in securing a child’s life.

Cyberbullying As A Power Play:

An act of harassing someone weak physically and mentally using the source of electronic media is what we all call as online bullying.

Harmful behavior of bullies includes posting rumors on social media portals, sexual remarks, threats, leaking personal information, and much more.

Victims may experience anxiety, irritation, negative emotional responses, frustration, trauma, and provokes suicidal ideation.

Cyberbullies attempt detrimental acts with a purpose :

  • To take revenge
  • Lacks empathy
  • Beliefs they won’t get caught
  • Thinks as everyone is doing it
  • Believes that the victim deserves it

Ways To Empower Your Child Against Bullying

1.Build a trustworthy and compassionate relationship:

The first step to a kid’s safety is to build a trustworthy and compassionate relationship. Nurture your children with positive parenting techniques. Give them love, respect, freedom, privacy according to circumstances. 

Teens learn skills from their parents. So if the environment in the house is admirable and affectionate, the child will imbibe and carry it for a lifetime. Impart ethical and good habits in kids, so they practice good deeds in actual life.

If you have built trust, children will likely share everything they come across in daily life and even do not hesitate to talk about cyber threats.

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2. Stay connected to teens and tweens through thick and thin:

Lonely children are the easiest target for bullies. And teens often feel ashamed for being bullied and are reluctant to share with parents. Thus, give sufficient time to children and let the lines of communication remain open for any damn situation.

3. Teach kids about self-assertion and be respectful:

Parents should teach children that they can fulfill their needs and desires being respectful. No need to bully others for self-pleasure. Let them act audaciously and learn to say no firmly. Citing a few examples like:

  • Hands off my body now!
  • It’s not at all ok to hurt
  • I don’t like being called by that name. My real name is…
  • It’s my turn now
  • Stop it and stay away

4. Monitor a child’s online movements:

It is essential for parents to secure their children from cyber threats, and thus, the child’s online activities need to be supervised.

With the help of parental control, you can monitor kids’ online world.using kids safety app, you can protect children in various ways like:

  • Block the inappropriate content like dating, gambling, violence, etc.
  • Restrict the time a child spends on different apps, especially social media, as they are more prone to online vulnerabilities.
  • Refrain children from downloading a new application if they have a terrible habit of accessing a plethora of applications.
  • Keep your teens safe on the go by following their footsteps and much more.

5. Tech social etiquettes and digital decency to children:

There are some learnings for teens and tweens who are going to explore the digital world that can protect them from cyber threats which include:

  • Not to trust anyone (accepting friend request) on any virtual communication site.
  • Staying away from unusual and unnecessary online fights that happen via comments and posts.
  • Not to post pleasing and attractive pictures/videos or location as cybercrooks easily traps innocent children.
  • Venting is not allowed on social media.
  • Do not pay attention to rumors and not to be a part of it.
  • Not to accept in-person meetings from anyone without consulting parents and much more.

6. Demonstrate ways to tackle bullying with role play:

If a child needs to respond to teasing and provocations, they can revert it comfortably. Roleplay helps them to stand up against bullies. Educate your kid about tactics like:

When the bully wants to provoke a response, they expect the victim to react and fight back. In such a scenario, explain to teens to respond calmly, and if they can’t control bully, they always control their response. 

So in each interaction, how kids respond will either inflame the situation or defuse it. Make sure your child avoids getting hooked no matter how hard the bully tries.

The best technique is to maintain a child’s self-dignity and let the bully retain theirs. 

7. Children should not hesitate to intervene:

According to studies, it is said that if bystanders (kids who are nearby) intervene at the right time, they stop harassment within 10 seconds.

Kid’s safety can be taken care of when bystander partner with the victim and take them out from the pesky situation. 

Ask your child to stand by the victim if they see their friends being cyberbullied or chatting with strangers, suspiciously going to meet someone or find any online activity fishy.

8. Educate children about various cyber threats:

Children must be aware of cyber threats and the dos and don’ts of the digital world. Let them understand how cyberbullying works and how it takes place.

Model a few instances from real life to make kids learn the traps by crooks. Ask them to read online material to prevent risks and help others from such dangers.

Let kids be aware of the victims of cybercriminals so they can learn from different experiences and protect themselves.

You can use any/all of the above parenting tips to secure kids from cyberbullying, yet the most recommended is to install the best parental control application.

Child monitoring software helps to balance a child’s online life and safeguard them from cyber threats like bullying, online predators, and much more. 

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