Bridging visa as the name itself telling us it means, it’s a bridge between one’s expired visa and applied for the substantive visa. This visa comes as a savior for all the people whose old visa is going to expire and their new visa application is in process, but as said good things come with some restrictions. A bridging visa is of four types and each one has different restrictions. Let’s look at them their properties and restrictions one by one:-

Bridging visa 010(BVA)

Bridging visa A is a good option for a person who still holds a visa and new visa is in the application and going to take time, but one can apply for this only if a visa is not expired after that one is not eligible to apply for this visa. Another restriction which comes under it that one cannot travel outside with this visa. The good point about visa 010 is it behaves like your old visa, means if your old visa is a study visa it will also behave like a study visa.

Bridging Visa 020(BVB)

Bridging visa B comes with the quality which Visa 010 lacks, it allows you to travel outside the world, but the only condition is that you need to present a good reason for your traveling and traveling is of fixed time period one need to return when the time period ends. One also needs to submit valid documents related to traveling. One can apply Bridging visa 020 separately or along with visa 010.

Bridging Visa 030(BVC)

It is a different kind of bridging visa, it is important for all those people who become unlawful in Australia as their visa is expired and due to some reasons they are not able to apply for a new visa, so at that point of time you can apply for visa 030. The problems with this visa are that you are not able to travel outside Australia and you are not eligible for applying for subclass visa 020. The other problem with this visa is that you are not able to work in Australia till your new visa arrives, that’s why visa 030 comes under special category and you need to appeal to allow you work which may be accepted.

Bridging Visa 040-041(BVD)

This visa is called 5-day visa, it is useful for those people whose visa is expired or going to expire in 3 days. This visa comes as a savior when you are not able to apply for a new visa due to any reason like the wrong form filling or interview agent is not available and you are going to correct all the mess in 5 days because visa 040 is valid for 5 days only.

Bridging Visa 050-051(BVD)

This visa is useful for all those persons who are going to depart from Australia and waiting for an immigration visa or person is seeking ministerial intervention can apply for Bridging Visa 050-051.