The mega star of the nation- Amitabh Bachchan is creating viral news.

Everyone knows that he actively maintains his presence on various social media platforms, especially Twitter.

He has millions of followers and people who look up to him as the only celebrity who is worth all the paparazzi. But this time, something backfired when he uploaded an old picture on his Twitter account and ended up making a trending news today.

How did an old picture go viral?

So, it all began with Amitabh Bacchan receiving a very old pic from someone who clicked it literally ages ago. This was from the time when he visited Mauritius for the first time, probably during his teen days.

The picture also had someone else, (apparently the guy who send him this old picture in the first place), but Amitabh posted just his picture.

He cropped off the other person from the picture and uploaded it with the caption, ‘ T 3076 – ….. the beachcomber in Mauritius .. my first visit .. in a delegation .. what a moment .. unforgettable !! … moments later after this picture went into the sea and got stung by that fish that stings .. don’t know the name.. guess it didn’t approve my outfit .. !!’

The tweet got over 10 k likes and several comments, but what made it viral was the response of Big B while he was being interviewed by Shah Rukh Khan as a part of a promotional video for Badla that released on Friday.

Big B commented on the picture

So, following the trail of questions during the interview, he was asked by the host Shah Rukh Khan about the old photo that he had tweeted a few days back.

The response to this was, ‘I made a huge mistake by posting the photo. When I had gone to Mauritius for the first time, I went for swimming and there was a person who took this photo with me. He recently sent me the photo to introduce himself to me.’

Why did he think he made a mistake though?

Well, the real secret was disclosed in the next answer that Big B gave. SRK laughed off with his first repose and asked him, “Toh aapne daal di photo?”, to which he responded,’ I posted it but only of myself and not him because I didn’t want him to get any limelight. Photo daalne ke baad mujhe badi gaali padi.’

India trending news quoted this line and made sure that every netizen comes to know that no matter if you are a mega star, if you crop someone out of your picture, you are bound to be backfired with comments ?(especially from the person you just knowingly cropped).

And that’s how this whole ordeal made it to the trending news today section of several channels and website.

In Conclusion:

Though it was a funny incident altogether that will be laughed at, Big B will for sure refrain himself from cropping anyone out of the pictures. And especially when he is uploading something on his social media accounts.

What about you, do you also have a habit to crop people out of your pictures? You better stop it!!