There are all kinds of Business Solutions that Microsoft Manufactures. They take care of different aspects of a business. One such business solution is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. Here we are going to look at this business solution and know about it in detail.

What are the ways that Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the Sales Cycle can help you?

As a Dynamics 365 for Sales cycle would discuss in detail, the following are the prime features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Cycle:

  1. It effectively streamlines your sales process.
  2. It makes your sales cycle precisely.
  3. It helps you to develop a strong relationship with your subjects.
  4. Optimizes your sales productivity.

When you go for Dynamics 365 for Sales?

  1. Client-oriented approach: Microsoft Dynamics for sales allows you to track your customers and clients. This makes it possible for you as service providers to evaluate and understand their needs and cater to them, exceeding their expectations.
  2. Time management: Since Dynamics 365 is all about automation, you can expect much less time consuming when it comes conducting to business processes and managing paperwork. This helps to create more real value for customers.
  3. Security: There is a central database where all the data is stored. That any data have very little chance of getting lost.
  4. Visibility: It is extremely important to remain notified about the sales number, lead volume, activities, etc. Which are presented to you through CRM reports.

What are the key features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales?

  1. Opportunity and lead management: Microsoft Dynamics for sales helps you to develop your leads. You can check if they satisfy your qualification criteria and thereby you can create opportunities.
  2. Account management: A business involves a lot of data, deviated into number of accounts. You can arrange those accounts in groups which will ensure efficient communication.  You can also receive and retrieve all your contacts’ data.
  3. Pipeline management: You can be well informed about all your sales processes and where each of your sales deals stands. You can also measure your sales effectiveness effortlessly.
  4. Management of sales: with the advanced features of Microsoft Dynamics for sales, you can direct your sales processes at all stages. With automated processes, you can organize your sales data and thereby optimize performance.
  5. Integration with different platforms:
  6. Reports and dashboards: you can always access the required statistics and be the one who knows all about the reports and dashboards related to sales.

How to understand the functionalities of Dynamics 365 for Sales better?

The best way to learn about any Microsoft Business solution, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 is to get a demo. A Dynamics 365 for Sales demo should present you with all the information you need regarding Microsoft Dynamics Business Solution. It should be a comprehensive guide through the entire cycle, elaborating on the features of Dynamics 365. With the help of a demo, you can learn how to create an opportunity, how to qualify a lead, how to schedule meetings and how to develop strong relationships.

What are the pricing options for Dynamics 365 Sales?

Since Microsoft had merged ERP and CRM into one integrated program, the separate licensing is not requiring anymore. The entire suit is available in two editions, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise edition. Both the plans have the functionalities of sales subject and that is included in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing for the whole suit.

When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics Business central edition, the standard pricing is 50 USD per user, per month, whereas the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing for the Enterprise edition may vary between 40 USD to 210 USD per month.

How to get Microsoft Dynamics Licensing?

Since Microsoft does not provide licensing, implementing or deployment facilities itself, the clients must reach out to implementation partners for this part. They are trusted partners of Microsoft who provide the Microsoft Dynamics 365 demo, take care of the deployment and prove support even after the implementation is complete.

Functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners in Sydney, besides implementation:

  • Evaluation of new solutions.
  • Customization of existing solutions.
  • Supporting the client company.