As a new year start or is around the corner; the businesses are faced with many different and strange challenges. These include not knowing what the New Year will bring them, financial problems, gaining more profit from fewer efforts, overcoming the competitors, making the customers happy and embracing new technologies.

B2B Order Management Challenges in 2020

But the most number of challenges are faced by B2B Order Management as there are many departments that have to work together to make efforts to overcome them. In order to bypass these challenges; the businessmen must know what these problems are that the year 2020 will bring.

Fulfillment of Orders in-time

As the New Year starts; people purchase more and more items because many companies are offering discounts and special deals. But they forget that sometimes it becomes very difficult to fulfill these huge order quantities in time. There are several factors by which the completion of the orders can’t be done on time.

Mistakes in the Purchase Process

When companies are into their new business year; they overlook many important features of the purchasing process. It has been observed that there are many mistakes in the ordering. They neglect clients, the inventory is not up to date, and the items are not in their proper categories, no display of price and lack of description of items.

Managing the Labor

At the peak season of purchases like seasonal holidays, religious celebrations and other important events; the B2B wholesale suppliers fail to hire labor in time. This becomes extremely burden on the management as they have to handle the whole situation with the number of staff they have.

Capability to accomplish more orders and faster

It is not difficult for the businesses to receive as many orders as they can; the real challenge is to collect the items, pack them and delivery it to the required destination. If the numbers of the orders are more than usual then the intensity of the problem will increase.

Control the cost of Orders

Businesses must be very careful when setting the price of an item or service. There are other vital amounts that you have to look into. Besides the amount of the product the pricing must include; cataloguing, follow-up on the ordering process and the shipment.

Introducing New Technologies

Many companies are afraid to use the latest technologies in their order management system because they think that the clients will not understand it and avoid using it. But online platforms like Order Circle are the ones who love these types of challenges and can easily overcome them.

Inventory is Visible to all Departments

Other departments also have a crucial role in the whole process of ordering. When a client orders an item; the order management team starts the process of ordering. The paid amount comes in the financing department, and if the amount is not known to the department then what will happen. It is critical that the inventory is visible to all.

Achieve Target of Fast Delivery

Most businesses have the policy of quick delivery policy and especially same day dispatch. This always happens when the clients are living in the same city as the business. It is impossible that the companies could deliver the items on the same day in other cities. This can happen only in one condition; when the business has a branch in the city.

Managing several Brands at one time

At many times the companies and businesses have to handle several brands and their various products. This can become a real challenge and problem when the staff mishandles the whole thing and sends the incorrect items to the wrong client. Businesses have to develop strategies to avoid this problem.

QuickBooks B2B Integration

QuickBooks B2B Integration is an important part of the order management but it can be a bit of a challenge. Many businessmen still don’t approve and use automated technologies. In this context, they avoid this technology. They are of the view that this system is prone to mistakes and can ruin everything.

Setting the Right Price

Setting the right price for the item is the hardest thing to do because on the wrong move and you could lose a loyal customer. At many times the companies set the price so high that the clients only visit the website only once. If the amount is low then how will the businesses manage their expenses?

Coordinating with Other Partners

Sometimes an online B2B platform is in collaboration with other partners and they all have to work together to make everything work. But on several occasions, the teams forget to coordinate with each other.

Handling Returns of Orders

There are various factors that surround the reason for the return of the orders. The challenge is to receive them, loom into the reason for the return, contact the concerned department, solve the problem and successfully deliver it again.

Understanding Federated Search

A successful B2B Order Management system must have the ability to give the clients an option to search on multiple engines. For this purpose understanding, Federated Search is important. When a customer searches for a product; the online platform transfers it to several search engines so that the clients can get many options.