With Halloween around the corner, ideas for gift baskets are floating in the air. Choose your theme and put together a nice basket for your friend, colleague, neighbor, relative, pet, child, or for yourselves.

There is no dearth of ideas. First, decide whether you wish to buy a gift basket or make one at home. Both are equally valuable. If you wish to buy, you can use a Gourmet Gift Basket coupon for the best price.

Here are the top 10 ideas for Halloween gift baskets.

1. Glow basket

Glow items like glow sticks, glow bracelets and neckpieces, glow toys, and others are great for creating gift baskets for kids. Even teens and adults love the glow at Halloween night. You can even add a glowing skull for the creepy look.

2. Makeup basket

You can find some great Halloween makeup this season. Either order a readymade basket or gather the makeup items together and create a nice basket of your own. The trick lies in the decoration. Add creepy things in the basket to create the Halloween effect. The standard pumpkin basket is the favorite.

3. Candy basket

This season, you can find plenty of creepy candies doing the rounds in the market, both offline and online. Bugs, spiders, severed fingers, eyeballs, skulls, and more are everywhere! Gather them in your creepily done basket and make the perfect Halloween basket.

4. Wine basket

It’s Halloween and you can’t forget wine lovers! The basket should contain wines that the recipient loves. Place the bottles in the basket and fill up with creepy stuff such as eyeballs, skulls, small pumpkins. Another idea is to get a ghost-shaped basket and fill it with the favorite wines. Place a big creepy spider amidst the bottles!

5. Beer basket

If it’s not wine, then it’s beer! Let your recipient be “boo-zed” this Halloween! Don’t forget to add a trick or treat amidst the beer containers. Watch their faces light up as they receive their favorite drink. And then watch their face twist in horror as they encounter the creepy stuff you have put in there!

6. Foodie basket

Halloween or not, the foodie cannot forget the food! Stuff the basket with candies, fruits, chocolates, cookies, and other stuff. Make sure the items are creepy in appearance to add to the fun factor. Otherwise, it would look like a normal gift basket. In case you are unable to get ‘creepy’ food, fill the basket with normal items, but make sure the basket is creepily done. It could be in the shape of Halloween pumpkin, a skull or some other scary stuff. You can also use pumpkin shaped boxes for goodies.

7. Jewelry basket

Pack some exquisite jewelry pieces in the basket and thrown in some fun pieces too, such as bracelet with tiny hanging skulls or pumpkin danglers or neckpieces with scary stuff on it. Depending on the age of the recipient, you can add or reduce the amount of creepiness in the basket. Say, if the basket is for grandmother, you surely don’t want her to jump off her seat finding a creepy spider ring in the basket! Teenagers love funky stuff though.

8. Baby basket

You may not want to add too much creepy stuff lest the baby begins to cry, however, you can easily get Halloween-themed baby clothes. Then there are always cute skulls, cute spiders, and cute vampires available. Make sure the items are high on the cute factor than the scary factor for babies. You can choose a lovely pumpkin basket too.

9. School basket

Kids love fun stuff like funky pencils, notebooks, stationery, hair accessories, ribbons, and more – you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing Halloween items for kids.

10. Patient basket

We cannot forget patients during festivals. In case there is a known patient around you, prepare a thoughtful basket for him/her. Watch their face light up!

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