Are you planning to trip the beautiful continent of Europe? Then here you are some of the lists of places which are best to visit with you are family, especially if you have kids they enjoy a lot.

You all know that Europe is one of the places which had a lot of places with kids and you confuse what to see and how can you enjoy. 

So, to break that worries in choosing the places here in this article, you have some of the best and most beautiful places to visit. Before that if you are really planning to trip make sure to visit TravTips to know more information regarding the places that you need to visit.

Travel in Europe

Amsterdam (the Netherlands):

Amsterdam is one of the world-famous places to choose that provides you with different parts of canals also some lovely canal houses. Also, it is an easy town to travel on foot, by train, by boat, and by bicycle. You have so many beautiful places to visit over there some of them are:

  1. Boat Tour
  2. Vondelpark
  3. Museums of famous Dutch painters
  4. Nine Streets
  5. Rent a Bakfiets
  6. Java/KNSM Island
  7. Anne Frank House
  8. Artis
  9. Tropen Museum, Nemo and the Public Library
  10. Scheldestraat

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Athens (Greece):

Make sure to visit Athens places with your children there you can enjoy a lot with your family members. There you have entertaining activities which are more interesting to do, and you have the best experiences over there. Also, you have some of the best places to visit some of them are:

  1. National Parks Of Athen
  2. Golden Hall Playground
  3. Athens Happy Train
  4. Greek Children’s Art Museum
  5. Children’s Museum
  6. Goulandris Natural History Museum
  7. Musume Of School Life And Education
  8. Cultural Life
  9. Karavi SchiniasAllou fun park
  10. Allou Fun Park

Barcelona (Spain):

It is a fascinating city to travel in. When you visited Barcelona, including your kids, you need to experience this city being locals. Also, you have shopping stores, restaurants, and many other famous boulevards to sight. Some of the places to visit in these places are:

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  1. Museu FC Barcelona
  2. L’Aquàrium de Barcelona
  3. El Born Centre Cultural
  4. Poble Espanyol de Barcelona
  5. Casa Milà ‘La Pedrera’ 
  6. Parc Zoològic de Barcelona
  7. Museu Picasso
Travel in Europe

Belgrade (Serbia):

Must visit a place with your kids to explore that will make it attractive to kids as well as parents to enjoy. One which is an interesting thing in these places are animals. Also, it provides you with bike racing which are liked by kids more. Also, you have many interesting things to do over here and had various places to travel like:

  1. Kalemegdan Park
  2. Knez Mihailova Street
  3. Topciderski Park
  4. Tašmajdan Park
  5. Ada Ciganlija
  6.  Play Centres
  7. Frans Restaurant
  8.  Military Museum

Bern (Switzerland):

If you are visiting Europe for the first time, then you need to visit this place which has so many things to visit. Also, you enjoy the trip over there by shopping and the streets with stores, beautiful buildings, etc. Various museums, as well as theatres that cover a difference of interests, and tourists can experience a street-side tour like Zytglogge. Also, you have the places that include over there are:

  1. The Old Town
  2. Kunstmuseum
  3. The Einstein Museum
  4. Einstein Haus
  5. Rosengarten
  6. Berner Münster
  7. Clock Tower
  8. Paul Klee Center
Travel in Europe

Florence (Italy):

It is the most suggestive towns in Europe. You have some of the offers to visit museums like The Palazzo Vecchio, the Stibbert Museum and the Leonardo da Vinci Museum, that are interesting to children to see. Some of the places to visit are:

  1. Oltrarno
  2. Piazza della Repubblica 
  3. Palazzo Vecchio
  4. Duomo
  5. San Marco

These are the places to visit in Europe which can make you an interesting trip along with your kids and family members. If you want to know the information about the planes to book make sure to visit Thomas cook airlines in Dubai to know the flight details.