Best Travel Place in Summer

We’re just fresh out of winter and with the fading cold comes the prospect of the blistering season thereafter. Let our selection of the best summer destinations for 2019 keep you warm and give you something to look forward to once the shivering wears out.


1) Greece

A perpetual occupant of summer tabloids, Greece deserves all the attention that comes its way because it is blessed with an abundance of idyllic land, sea, and cityscape. Centuries-old Venetian structures make up the inland delight while untouched islands off the mainland ensure much in the way of fun on or in the water.

Prioritize to set up camp in cities such as Rhodes and Santorini which are overflowing with jostling nature and sceneries not forgetting an enthralling cuisine that steals a great deal of the spotlight. People visit these cities to fill their social media accounts with charming white buildings but they also offer much more in the form of hot springs and volcano tours, a virgin beach, and sunset cruises just to name a few.

2) Switzerland

If you have a penchant for sports, you should know that this nation- and Interlaken in particular- is the European mecca as far as sports go. From hand-gliding and kayaking to climbing down a canyon and leaping off a plane, there is no shortage of heart-racing activities to take part in.

Rich greenery, tranquil lakes, and cities bursting with color make up the “what else” category which also includes mountains towering into the skies and a subtle architectural beauty that seems to have been plucked from wishful imagination.

3) Croatia

When summer rolls around, Croatia comes alive with sunkissed beaches and vivid vegetation to complement endless waters perfect for sailing. Aside from its countless instagrammable islands, Croatia is also famous for endearing medieval remnants, legendary sculptural works, vibrant street markets, and paradisiacal national parks.

At the moment, the Adriatic country is at the heart of spring which presents the best opportunity to dig into the real estate market. There are many Croatia property for sale presently and you’ll get great prices and excellent return-on-investment courtesy of the looming summer upswing in traffic.

4) Iceland

You’d think a place named Iceland would only be perfect for winter visits- and that it truly is- but it also comes into its own over summer offering a lovely haven when the sun finally decides to come out to play.

Vast plains are taken over by the vibrant colors and irresistible fragrance of new plant life while snow-laden mountain slopes clear up to provide alluring hiking trails from which to best savor the unfolding beauty all around you.

5) France

Paris may be rightly christened “The City of Love” but the world-cup winning nation has a lot else to offer and the beguiling port city of Marseille is a perfect example. Its history as a crucial trading point serves up plenty of cultural heritage to unlock spanning one and a half millenniums back in time.

Beyond an immense culture, the pleasant weather in Marseille is right up there at the top of its many perks. The city sees plenty of sunlight over summer and has a handful of sandy contours for travelers to relax.

Other excellent destinations for 2019 from around the world also include the summer paradise of Bali in Indonesia, football and beer loving Hamburg in Germany, Miami-esque Barcelona in Spain and the unforgettable archipelagos of Hawaii.