Hong Kong is a city that truly needs no introduction amassing a standing as Asia’s most sophisticated cosmopolitan. The city of skyscrapers and dancing lights has a lot to offer despite being firmly entangled within the grasp of modernity providing various attractions that have catapulted “The Pear of the Orient” on to the top of travel blog compilations everywhere. Consequently, we’ll be delving below the covers to discover the best ways to experience this charming city.

1) Scaling Victoria Peak 

Victoria Peak affords you a front row seat to the best thing about this city which is the towering and vibrant cityscape. While the island certainly has no shortage of excellent vantage points, this one proves the highest there is at 552 m and its strategic location ensures you are surrounded by cloud-piercing buildings and an expansive skyline of Kowloon which consists of lofty high-rise apartments, shopping malls, lovely cafes among other dazzling architecture.

The Peak Tram- a funicular century-old train- is tasked with the job of taking you up the lush slope so you don’t need to worry about huffing and puffing up the terrain. It’ll take you from the Hong Kong Park across stretches of beautiful greenery before leaving you at the doorstep of Peak Tower which houses an observation deck. There are also scenic hiking trails nearby if you’d like to get the blood flowing while taking in raw nature at its brilliant best.

2) Sailing Cheng Chau

When you speak of Asia and Hong Kong, in particular, the picture portrayed is often that of a city consumed by modernity but there is a natural side to it that is often under-recognized. Chueng Chau provides perfect proof of that ushering a different, refreshing side made up of delightful beaches, untouched coastline and an endless stretch of clear aqua horizons.

Besides basking in the fresh air as you watch subtle tides crashing against sun-ravaged sandy shores, there’s plenty else to do in this fairytale island and that includes taking a tour of Chueng Po Tsai’s ancient cave, windsurfing against a gentle sea, and savoring seafood delicacies across seaside restaurants in the main village. There’s a pirate hangout on the southern extremity of the land mass where you can channel your inner Jack Sparrow and go in pursuit of long lost treasure.

3) Unwinding at Ocean Park

Theme parks are also an aspect for which Hong Kong is greatly admired and the Ocean Park best typifies the childhood fun on offer across the city’s amusement parks. Split into two parts connected by cable cars and the Ocean Express funicular, there’s much to see and do in this fun-filled establishment in Aberdeen.

Pulsating rollercoaster rides ensure you’ll be screaming with heart-pounding excitement while a grand aquarium that brings together more than 400 fish species ensures there is something educative to be learned as well. Aside from hair raising rides, there are also sea lions, seals, rare red pandas, and four giant pandas to make acquaintance with alongside other native wildlife.

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