Be it for the management of your own finances or for the fast transfer: banking and financial apps are an important companion in everyday life. We present the best applications for the smartphone.

Regardless of whether you want to keep track of your finances and the student account, whether you are looking for an ATM or want to create a mobile budget book, there are numerous banking and financial apps for all the needs of everyday life . But beware: not all applications are free and really useful. We present the best banking and financial apps for students.

No financial app really brings anything without a good checking account, our comparison shows the best accounts and key info.

The best banking apps

The banking app Outbank is one of the top applications on the market thanks to its intuitive controls and lavish features. The high security of banking transactions and the possibility to secure sensitive bank data by pressing a button in the iCloud make the app a good choice. Additional features: unlimited online accounts and balance sheets. Only the price for the Pro variant of 60 euros per year is lush compared to other applications.

If you want to pay less, use the app of the savings bank. The application costs in the Plus version 0.89 euros or 1.79 euros for the iOS version and offers a variety of practical features such as the banking and ATM tracker and the integration of alternative keyboards. Weaknesses shows the Android and iOS application only in terms of security. The Android version also lets miss the mTAN query, but the app convinced by its clear presentation and many features.

Simple but extensive is Banking 4. Developer Subsembly’s app focuses on payments, but adds cloud storage, balance sheets, and offline functionality to this key feature. With only native clients in use, Banking 4 is also more secure than other applications and works reliably and quickly when synchronizing accounts.

Financial guru

Finanzguru is by far one of the most popular apps to regulate and keep an eye on your own finances without much effort. All online bank accounts can be fed into the app and also contracts and subscriptions can be stored here so as not to lose sight of everything. For the app also speaks that holds the application with over 4,000 ratings in the Google Play Store 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Mint has been at the forefront of popular financial apps for over 5 million downloads in the Google Play Store. The app is designed to accurately budget and then adhere to a budget. The application achieves this goal by combining all the important financial factors of everyday life: Bank account, credit card, bills and investments can be kept in parallel so that no blind spots arise in the budget book. Add to that the very simple, clear design of the app, which makes financial planning almost fun.


The financial app Splitwise is especially helpful if you go out frequently and traveling with friends. Even in a shared apartment , the application can prevent many annoying discussions about the money. The principle works so that several people – such as a household – install the app and enter the expenses that are made for the residential community. Even if you lay out a little money when going out, you can hold on to this. So everyone could easily keep track of who gets back money and who owes something to whom.

Financial glance

On top of the best financial apps is the only free app with Finanzblick. Once installed, the application offers intuitive menus, all the familiar banking tools, and the ability to execute real-form transfers. The only catch: who wants to use the app, must first register – the advertising in the application, however, remains. Thanks to clear diagrams and the possibility to use the application in the web browser, Finanzblick still manages to be number one.


The free MoneyControl app provides users with a virtual budget book. This allows you to control revenue and expenses, create groups for bookings, and use analysis tools to better coordinate your own funds. The classic bar and pie charts are also available, whereby in the free version only a maximum of 20 entries can be analyzed. The unrestricted version of the iOS application is available for 3.49 euros 
If you use Android, you can alternatively use the Money Tab. The app has a similar structure, but also offers a little less scope for 0.81 euros. Another big plus is the numerous statistics tools.

Balance monitor

Third place of the best financial apps takes the Balance Monitor App. The application provides financial data to more than one million companies and also provides numerous statistics and reports on groups. Despite the lack of merger agreements, the app provides a good overview of developments in the financial world.

The app displays ATMs in the area. There are also location tools, Google Maps integration and various filters for banking groups and vending machines. Although the actual finances can not be managed, the application is still a useful tool for saving money and time.

My finances

My finances do what the name implies. The app gives an overview of the personal finances and displays them in various statistics and diagrams. In addition, Excel files can be imported and the expenses in the form of bar charts can be clearly listed. For data protection, the reliable code blocking tool is integrated. A lot of features so that can be used only in the 3.59 expensive full version in its entirety.

Revolut App

The Revolut app is more than just a financial app or budget book app. In fact, it should be a complete alternative to the classic checking account. Within three minutes of downloading the application you should already have a new checking account including a new IBAN number available. 

Previous Revolution app experiences seem to customers – as seen here on the reviews in Google Play gates – quite positively to fail, so it really is a completely optimized for modern mobile banking app , which represents a real alternative to traditional checking account.

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The author of this article is Taimoor who has drafted this article to provide information about latest trends of App Design in 2019.