It so happens that many do not pay enough attention to cooking ware as they pay to the ingredients and elements incorporated in the cooking process. Not many understand the importance of choosing the best kind of cookware because even that adds onto the cooking process making your dish turn better. Just as much a good dish requires the right set of ingredients, kitchen to require the right set of cookware. Markets are filled with innumerable options. Some rave about the ceramic cookware while some are ardent hard anodized cookware fans. If you are interested in bringing home the finest option, read below to get a quick overview of both kinds.

What is Anodization?

Some people who do not understand the meaning of anodization; well it is nothing but a process wherein chemical baths are involved. They are used to establish the aluminum surface, which in turn works an electrical charge receiver. You must note that not all aluminum cookware are anodized, given that this process adds onto an extra layer, surely the ones that are anodized are thicker than the ones that are not.

Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic cookware is doing immense rounds in the markets. Many are keen on investing in such products because they are different terms attached to it like safe, hassle-free, tension free, non-stick etc. However, you should note that ceramic cookware comes in different designs, styles, and kinds. It is made of clay and some special strong elements.

What to Expect from Both Options?

  • Durability- if you compare both the hard anodized option over the ceramic cookware. It is obvious to say that the hard anodized holds a slight upper edge over the other. The fact that it comes with a thicker chemical bath layer of aluminum, surely it can retain for a while longer, certainly, it depends on your usage as well.
  • Variety- here, ceramic cookware takes the lead because the amount of variety ceramic cookware has, truly you wouldn’t find as much in the hard anodized department. Be it in terms of styles, design, choice of colors, shapes etc. there is a lot in the offering for ceramic lovers.
  • Quality- this is a very tricky aspect, though individually both are good in their own aspect, there is no significant information on which type of cookware holds better quality. With so many manufacturers in the markets. It all comes down to which manufacturer you choose and what kind of product you invest in. Therefore, you should choose a top quality product for it to last long and strong.
  • Popularity- surely there are a growing number of buyers for ceramic cookware, maybe because of the variety it offers and feasibility, it provides during cooking. But, there is a significant number of buyers for hard anodized products as well.
  • Convenience- the fact that almost all ceramic cookware offers non-stick cooking, definitely more users prefer such an option. Moreover, the cleaning process for ceramic cookware is a lot easier than hard anodized cookware.


Ceramic cookware and hard anodized cookware are both popular in their own aspect. The methodology to make them both is very different, hence, the approach varies. Above- mentioned are a few distinctive points on both kinds, giving you a clear picture on the two kinds. Settling for either of the two is beneficial, provided you get what you are looking for. You can also check out best ceramic cookware.