“Give cinnamon to your child and you will see how blood glucose levels go down” Have you ever made that comment or read it on the Internet? This is one of the comments that I eliminate the most on the Facebook page and although people do not do it with bad intention, they are very far from reality … There are some benefits of cinnamon for type 2 diabetes. We will discuss them here today.

Cinnamon is a spice used in many of our cultures, we use it frequently in the kitchen. Chinese culture ensures that it is used to reduce cholesterol, relieve arthritis pain and even fight against some types of cancer.

But how true is it that cinnamon reduces blood glucose levels?

The theory about cinnamon as a treatment or alternative medicine is that it can decrease insulin resistance. For people with type 2 diabetes, this means that their body’s natural ability to control sugar levels becomes more favorable.

Did you notice that the words type 2 diabetes are obscured? This I did to clarify that the researchers have only researched on only the people who are living with type 2 diabetes.

Research in the United States and China has shown that cinnamon, when taken as an extract or powder, was able to reduce the blood sugar levels of patients with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Although these and other studies have found similar results, the American Diabetes Association does not recognize cinnamon as a treatment for diabetes based on research limitations. There is still a lot of controversies, because some groups claim that this statement is false.

But that is why we must educate ourselves and know what the “supposed” benefits of cinnamon are and who benefits from them.


  • People with liver damage should be careful with the use of cinnamon. Since large amounts of cinnamon can increase liver problems.
  • Since cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels, it must be very careful if taken together with other medicines or supplements that also cause the same effect. Such as alpha lipoic acid, bitter melon, chromium, fenugreek, Garlic, chestnut of India or Siberian ginseng.
  • Some types of cinnamon may contain coumaru, which can decrease the ability of blood to clot, which can be dangerous.

Cinnamon supplements are classified as food, not as a drug or medication. For this reason they are not subject to the same safety and efficacy tests as medicines are. Drinking cinnamon water regularly can help in this case as well.

In summary, all the research we have found is aimed at people with type 2 diabetes and there is no unanimous consensus among the scientific community.

Remember that the problem of the vast majority of people living with type 2 diabetes is NOT the lack of insulin. But the difficulty of using it correctly. This insulin resistance is what causes high blood glucose levels. Unlike our sweet warriors that your pancreas does NOT produce insulin.

Recently my husband told me a phrase that said; “Type 1 diabetes is an insulin problem, not a sugar problem”. So we have to understand that it is not a sugar problem. But a problem of lack of insulin production. Then we can focus and confront this condition more clearly without looking for “miracle cures”. Our sweet warriors do NOT need supplements to reduce insulin resistance, they need INSULIN.

Before taking cinnamon for type 2 diabetes it is really important to know about cassia cinnamon side effects. Else it can harm you badly.