There is a basic or common rule that to choose best car insurance they best way is to compare. Because every car insurance company have some specialization in different sector and you have to select one which you need most. It may be time-consuming but help savings off more premiums.

Basically there are 5 ways to compare best car insurance company in the USA. To make a clear-cut decision and to get informed you should follow these ways-

  1. Research the company’s client reviews: Most of the car insurance website publishes their client’s reviews. Take into consideration them. In researching two things should bear in mind low level of client complaints and low price.
  2. Research client report survey: Compare car insurance complaints by their client report survey regarding customer service. Select the company which offers good customer service.
  3. Compare same coverage of all companies that you comparing: Compare same coverage level and also price of different companies. Select the company which provides high coverage at low price.
  4. Compare discount: Compare which company provides highest discounts at lowest price. Get informed about the type of discounts and conditions behind the discounts.
  5. Compare optional coverage: Most of the car insurance company in the USA provides option coverage for some specific things. Get known which companies are providing option coverage and compare it with price. It is to be notified that you should not any such optional coverage if you don’t need it extremely.

Here top 5 car insurance companies in the USA are compared. This comparison is based on the overall ratings, flexibility, advantages, discounts, customer service, responsiveness and claims timeliness.

  1. GEICO: GEICO has made its position at rank 1 with 9.8 ratings out of 10 in 2013. It has some exclusive features like online policy management, infrastructural savings passed on to policyholders and instant online premium quote. It provides excellent customer service. Their services are available even through phone and internet.
  2. Progressive: It is in number 2 position with 9.63 ratings in 2013. It provides feature like concierge level of claims service, multi-party comparison quotes and pet injury coverage with collision coverage. It is mostly renowned for good customer service, immediate & emergency responsiveness, flexible policy and low price.
  3. Esurance: An overall rating of Esurance is 9.30 out of 10 and it is in 3rd It provides features like expedited claim process, informative website, saving oriented operation, E-star direct repair program and environmentally sound strategies. It gained reputation for speedy claims and exclusive operations practice. Though it is relatively new company then others top level car insurance company but gained success within very short time.
  4. Nationwide: It is in 4th position with 9.13 ratings in 2013. It has made itself different for its valuable discounts and coverage. Nationwide offers some advanced features like blue ribbon claims services, free nationwide iPhone application, 100% guarantees on repairs of the car for life.

 USA: With overall ratings of 9.05 out of 10 in has confirmed its position at rank 5. It is simply reliable, easy to use and low price. It provides features like expansive discounts, profits & advantages for eligible policyholders, savings-oriented business operation etc.