Morocco is an amazing place to visit in winters especially when you are visiting the Sahara desert. I always enjoy telling that Sahara was the place I only had read about in my high school books and was in love with the place. I wanted to travel to the place and feel the Arabic feel. Visiting the Sahara in North Africa bought me all the pleasures of my dream. I regard Virikson Holidays who helped me to get the full swings of our winter vacations in Morocco. The trust worked and we had a very memorable time there.

Your Moroccan Holidays in Sahara

What you can have in the desert this winter is brought by my experiences of the same year January. January is known to be the coldest time in Morocco but for me it’s average. It also depends on where you are visiting Sahara.

holidays in Sahara

Travelers visiting the Sahara having their homeland full of snow would surprise to know that their January would have a great time in Sahara. You would experience the temperature of almost 20 celsius in Morocco, majorly in the mainland areas and the desert. What you have to pack for it is a normal deal. You only have to pack for the average temperature daytime dresses and the things you think are important for you to be in Sahara.

Nightdress along with some extra layer would be needed because you will find Desert some extra breezy in the nights.

Riding on the Camels and 4×4 Cars

Riding on the camels and 4×4 cars would be your daily activity. You are in Sahara which is world’s famous desert in Agadir terms of the Hollywood film sets and to have sand activities. Travelers visit the place that wants to discover the lifestyle of the people living in the Sands.

To experience the days and nights of the local life, travelers prefer to stop and stay there in the luxury camps. You will have perfect luxury camps on rent there providing you with every possible facility needed in winter. If you are a couple and want to take some moments to enjoy in the desert, believe me, you are heading to the right place. I had a perfect time with my husband there.

camel Riding in Sahara

An important thing about traveling is to plan and pack for the trip. So plan you every minute and arrange your activities, mismanagement will bring nothing but bad experiences during your Morocco trip.

Sahara with family?

Yes, it is also a perfect place for the family too. Your kids would want a break from the winters, snow and the extreme winter weather conditions. They will enjoy their vacations in the place where they can get the warms of Moroccan sun and have perfect sand activities. Your kids will enjoy the ride of the camel, along with you, to overview the natural red dunes Desert is famous for.

family holidays in desert morocco

They will have the activity of the 4×4 cars in Sand. Sand driving is tough and adventurous. In the desert, there are competitions and events in regard to the local traditions, if going in this season, telly your activities with the local events and festivals. You will have a lovely experience there.

Dinner in the Desert

Dinner in the desert with your partner would be an extra amazing moment I believe. What meals you will be offered is dependent on the season and your choice too. I would recommend you to order the Tajine of Camel meat. If your kids avoid eating the meat of the animals they love, don’t tell them or even don’t offer them the dish. Camel Tajine is the famous dish of Sahara you would try.

dinner in morocco sahara

Goat meat with the pleasures of the couscous taste would inspire you I believe. We also tried Meifrisa which in my opinion would be the choice of every traveler in Sahara. Sitting around the bonfire in the black desert would also give you a romantic impact that you wanted to have. Travelers come to visit Desert and wait for this moment to sing and dance with their loved ones. It is an ideal moment of your life and also the time in bed with your partner in the winter night camp.

Other Daytime Activities?

Yes, people from Europe enjoy traveling desert for spotting the wildlife there. Your guide will tell you every detail of that activity there. Another luxury activity of the desert is to have the perfect Spa experience in the desert. It is so soothing I experienced.

I also captured the photographs of the day and night-time experiences in Desert. These are the perfect moments one should capture and save their memories. What an extra charm you need to get from Sahara would also be available.

This is an ideal time to get out of the white, hard winter situations to the warm sunny days in Morocco.