Bangkok, as you must know that it is a capital city of Thailand which is located on the delta region of Chao Phraya River roundabout twenty-five miles from Thailand Gulf. You can find cheap airline tickets for every big airline service provider to Thailand easily. The name Bangkok means the district of wild plums. Bang means the district of and Makok means wild plums, but the native calls it differently. They call it “Krung Thep” which is translated as the city of Gods or the residence of great emerald buddha or the great city.

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You probably know some of the well-known facts about Bangkok that this capital city is full of exquisite and fascinating temples, clubs, bars, dining, shopping, palaces and many more things to enjoy and visit. But we are going to put up some of the facts and things you probably don’t know about this beautiful place and you should know them before going to this place. If you are planning your trip to Thailand Bangkok from Pakistan then PIA is one of the best choices. Get your PIA Airline ticket booking and get your flights right now to have some amazing time of your life to enjoy the most with your family or friends.

Things you should know before going to this place are listed below. As for the information, this will increase your knowledge as well as it will give you chills to know some amazing facts about this place as well.

One of the Most Popular cities

This is one of the most amazing facts that the total actual number of people who live in the city as residents is less than the number of visitors who visit the city. This fact adds up to the population that stays their permanently. This is one of the reasons more and more people go there every year to visit this place. Most of the time airline tickets are at very reasonable prices and you can find cheap airline tickets to Bangkok more often as compared to the other famous and popular cities of the world. Roundabout fifteen million tourists visit Bangkok every year. Mostly people visit Bangkok in winter because of the hot and warm weather of the city. So, you can find cheaper ticket prices in winter for this magnificent place.

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Climate and Season

The climate remains warm throughout 365 days a year of the city. In winter season the temperature drops only to 25°C and it increases to 30°C in summer. There are a lot of raining in the city round about 60 inches per year. This all means that the temperature of the city is very consistent and pleasant. This consistency in weather attracts more and more visitors throughout the year because there is not much intensity of any weather so people of any age can handle this pleasant weather easily and it is very feasible for everyone to manage and enjoy in this consistent weather. Mostly in winter, people from Pakistan visit this capital city by getting PIA airline ticket booking and getting their cheap flights to enjoy their winter vacations.

Traditional Areas

The traditional sites of the city are occupied by commercial and governmental districts. There are 50 districts of the city. The governmental building is actually beautiful palaces and mansions of Thai-style official buildings. When the capital city was fist become the national capital in the eighteenth century, the citadel of Bangkok was moved to the Chao Phraya River east bank. The tradesmen and Chinese merchants occupied Sam Peng site which is a short distant southward. From that time the city is an ever-expanding district and now contains rows and rows of house shops that are more than five, six stories high.

These commercial and governmental building and these markets are traditional places of Bangkok which enhance the beauty of the capital city and obviously rush of people.

Land of Smiles

Bangkok is also known as with its nickname Land of Smiles and the capital city lives up to that. The people of Bangkok are very peace-loving and their hospitality is amazing. Their faces are smiling ready and they bow with their million-dollar smiles. You prefer harmony and peace over any social conflict and they exude and spread pleasant auras. This is one of the major reasons that many tourists visit this city again and again just because of the hospitality the people give them there. The warmth and charm of the Thai people are beyond compare. Bangkok is considered to be one of the friendliest cities in the entire world. If you are a peace-loving person then you must get your cheap airline tickets to Thailand to visit Bangkok to see for yourself how much love and warmth these people have for anyone visits their place.

The list is long but these are some fun facts and amazing information that you must know before traveling to Bangkok so that you can enjoy more with your loved ones. This place worth your money and time by every possible mean.