Any form of harassment at the workplace can leave a person in an anxious, difficult and distressing situation. Whether it is mental, physical or sexual harassment.

But sexual harassment at the workplace is one of the biggest problems faced by working women all over the world. The #MeToo movement that started in the west and quickly spread all over the world is proof of it.

So many women came forward and shared their story of how they were sexually harassed by their boss, or client, or colleague.

But what’s next?

How exactly do you prevent it?

And how can women protect themselves at work?

Impact Of Sexual Harassment

According to the PoSH law, staring at the workplace amounts to sexual harassment. Can you recall the last time someone stared at you at the workplace?

Bet it made you very uncomfortable and came in the way of your productivity that day.

In fact, incidents of sexual harassment are so severe that they can leave a woman mentally stressed and physically drained for a very long time. Which is why sexual harassment needs to be eliminated from workplaces not just to provide a safe and secure work environment but also for employee’s personal health.

  • Sexual harassment highly impacts a person’s mental health leaving them disturbed.
  • An uncomfortable work environment reduces employee productivity.
  • Sexual harassment can also lead to physical stress.

Fight Sexual Harassment At Your Workplace

The first step to fighting sexual harassment is identifying it. Women often are unable to identify an ‘act’ or ‘gesture’ as sexual harassment.

But with PoSH training and awareness, every employee can fight sexual harassment at the workplace.

If you have been sexually harassed by a colleague, you can directly confront them on their inappropriate behavior. But if you are not comfortable with direct intervention, you can file a complaint to the IC or the HR manager.

On the other hand, if you have been sexually harassed by a superior, things can get really complicated, very quickly. When dealing with sexual harassment from a superior, it is important to remember that every woman has the PoSH law protecting them and providing legal aid.

You can take the incident to the Internal Committee and they are bound by the law to investigate every sexual harassment report. According to the PoSH law, every IC must constitute of ½ women members, an employee representation, and an external member from an NGO for unbiased decisions. This will ensure that if you are reporting against your boss, the decisions and the investigations go on the same way as it would if you were reporting a colleague.

You can also request PoSH training in your organization to ensure the prevention of incidents of sexual harassment and support other female employees by spreading awareness of one’s rights! You can make a change and build a better and safer workplace for everyone. Stand up against sexual harassment today and request anti-sexual harassment training in your organization now!