Gross Fast Food Facts

Most people today are usually aware of the unhealthy facts about fast food. In general, the bulk of people consume it quite a few times weekly or even more. Folks go for fast food, generally since it is handy, low-priced and tastes pretty good. The price is surely a clear reason considering the present global economy and everyone wants to reduce expenses. Nevertheless even this is really no excuse to be gulping in all the toxic stuff that fast food offers. Expectantly, the following info will help you out to really recognize the gross fast food facts.

The Fast Food World and the Sorry State of Affairs

Recently a lot of fast food health facts came out which takes us through a disgusting mess of deception, cover-up, lies, scam and both animal and human cruelty that has sadly become all too common in the meat packing industry nowadays. We can hardly imagine the troubles of immigrant laborers who work in the meat packing places. These industrial units are the key providers of chicken, red meat and other foods sold in the fast food business. We should think about a lot of things from the truly horrifying and appalling conditions of the animals themselves throughout their lives, to the often slave-like conditions of the manufacturing sites where the mostly immigrant recruits toil in endless shifts.

Brutal Treatment to Animals

With the horrible and harsh way animals are treated, the meat loses most of the health benefits. In conjunction with the pollution of the meat during processing, there is this situation where the resultant nourishment is poor along with the danger of toxins in the food. Another sorry thing in fast food nutrition facts is that, apart from getting killed even while in pitiable health, some animals are too weak or sick to even walk to the slaughter place.

Animals are being fed with foul food

Aside from the unhealthy facts of fast food and understandable explanation for animals to be frail and ill like cramped feedlots and hormone injections that stress out the animals, there are other gross fast food facts and more sickening reasons for their ill health. Animals used for fast food are not only unhealthful owing to the manner they get treated with respect to stressed conditions, but what they’re being fed is totally disgusting.

Until recently, a lot of cattle were fed with dead livestock wastes. Also, they were fed scores of dead pets from animal shelters. Such practices were banned after evidence suggested that this might be responsible for an extensive outbreak of mad cow disease. Though, current FDA regulations do allow dead pigs, chicken, and horses to be turned into food. Other ingredients include metal fragments, cattle blood, and sawdust. Therefore it is not astonishing that these poor animals are ill and pathetic.

Many such animals get slaughtered with their bodies having tumors, viruses, infections and sometimes cancer. The workers are taught how to cut around these infected parts. Nevertheless, even the other parts are so weakened of nutrients, that it is still unfit for eating. Because of their low nutrient levels, higher levels of diseased tissues, apart from scarce physical activity or the absence of it, and not being permitted to consume grasses that they are meant to eat, and so on, make up why such animals are not fit for consumption.

The Tricks of Science

More unhealthy facts of fast food: the meat and other foods sold at fast-food eateries bear little to no similarity to real freshly cut meat. Food scientists use various very misleading and brainy techniques to hoodwink the senses into believing that such foods are delicious and healthy. Science has discovered lots of chemicals that can precisely imitate the smells of fresh natural foods. This is why checking out labels and consuming as much unprocessed, unpackaged and organic foods as likely is so vital. Often, even foodstuffs that are labeled as organic will contain many of these toxins. Eating as many raw fruits, vegetables and locally grown meats is the only alternative to guarantee that you aren’t consuming these toxic foods.

So you can now see the gross fast food facts more obviously and understand why it’s crucial to avoid fast foods. These fast food health facts extend to just about all packaged foodstuffs. Such processed foods are almost devoid of enzymes and nutrients. These foods drain the body of great amounts of enzymes required to digest their nutrients while giving very little in return. The more we keep putting these processed foods into our bodies, the faster we are burning up our own stores of life-sustaining matter. This will hasten the onset of disease and also speed up a fatality. That’s why you should avoid fast food at all costs.