The first quarter of 2019 is already over. And enough talk has been made on the home renovation styles of 2019. We have searched some best websites on interior design for our loyal readers and are combining all the points. By reading this article on home renovation styles of 2019, see how you can get inspired for the changes required in your home.

Living room


A. Home Renovation Styles of 2019 – Living Room

When it comes to making changes in the living room, then rose gold patterns are the current flavor. Add to them, different tiles along with exposed lighting and your home renovation are done. Imagine the surprise on the face of your relatives when you call them for an event or family gathering.

How do you think a living room should be? It has to be the best as the guests to your home often visit this room. So it should be picture perfect. The best home renovation in the living room will be to have vintage rugs, glass cabinets with world-famous books, dishwares from other countries and artifacts.

B. Home Renovation Styles of 2019 – Color

When it comes to the selection of colors for the room walls, then feminine colors are gaining more ground this year. Then there is another style where the soft shades get moved towards the grey colors. In case you want to have a color that is mostly neutral opt for light green shade to maintain the balance.

Just check the personality of the family member before making a change in the room wall color. For example, if you have a hyperactive child, then it is vital to make the room wall color light blue to bring him calmness. Also, the color on the walls of the kitchen also matter. As per Indian tradition, you need to maintain red color patterns in the kitchen as it increases metabolism.

In case you have a tiled house, ensure that the room walls are decorated with white and yellow to bring a flavor of grace into your home.

red color in kitchen

C. Home Renovation Styles of 2019 – Kitchen

If there is one place which is always on the path of renovation in a home, it is the kitchen. In the good olden times, the kitchen used to have a yellow or white color. Now, the trend is to seek to have dark colored walls with light colored cabinets. Please note, light colors can add to the size of the room while the dark colors can shrink a room. So, if you are going for a color which can hide the oil stains on the walls, the result of cooking, think again.

In the last year, stainless steel accessories were the order of the day. Even in restrooms and kitchens, black steel tubes and sinks had become a fashion. But now, in 2019, the trend has changed. It is now brass pipes and tubes all the way. If you have gone to a home, which has recently been renovated, you can find that the light fixtures, faucets, and knobs have been replaced with brass.


velvet furniture

D. Furniture

How do you define furniture? Okay, it is placed in rooms for various purposes. But when it comes to home renovation, you need to purchase the furniture that can add elegance to your room. Now, velvet is the flavor of the season. So, covering the sofas with velvet blankets and accessories are the trend in home renovation styles of 2019.

Indoor plants


Last year, we saw smart home appliances such as the fridge making an entry to the living room. The home renovation styles of 2019, saw a change as natural elements such as granite stones and copper utensils along with plants are used to liven up the room. You can include indoor plants of suitable color in comparison to the walls to reflect the ambiance in your home.

dark color floral pattern

F. Home Renovation Styles of 2019 – Floral Patterns

There was a time when hand designs were the flavor of the season in living room walls. But now, the trend has moved on to the floral patterns. You can decide the color and flower.

2019 will be the year to say goodbye to stainless steel.


White and Black patterns


G. Home Renovation Styles of 2019 – Black and White Decor Patterns in Walls

If there is one style trend which has remained constant from last year, it is the black and white combination. The reason, the combination maintains the balance and a touch of elegance to a room.


geometric pattern



This is not a new trend, but incorporating geometric patterns in the building is slowly picking up. There are two types of geometric patterns in use. One is a light color and the other is a bold one. Compare with the color of the room and then decide the pattern for interior home renovation styles of 2019.





Do you have old chandeliers in the attic? Or maybe other kinds of vintage lights? In this year, you can expect vintage lights in different designs on the homes.



J. Home Renovation Styles of 2019 – Beds

In the 1980s, due to the joint family system, the size of beds was more. Now, the same pattern is making a comeback in recent times. The reason may be because of five-star hotel bedrooms. Or, the urban families are asking for more comfort. So, an urban family consisting of four or five members are definitely asking for massive beds.

On the other hand, new couples are opting for slim beds to ensure that it fits into their one BHK. They have opted for this style as the slim beds do not take up too much of the space. Also, they can sell it off after two years.



So have you read the article on home renovation styles of 2019? We hope that you have got enough pointers.  But how can you do the home renovations? If you stay in an urban city such as Bangalore, it is very easy. There are many companies which offer doorstep services for home appliances in Bangalore . You can download their app, and search for the top construction companies in Bangalore. Search the profiles, check if they can suit the requirement and hire the best on the app. You can get a call from the company executive within a short time. Schedule the meeting for discussion at your home as per the convenience of your family members. The specific company executive will come along with a civil engineer to inspect your home. You can have a discussion and clarify your doubts. If you need to know more, subscribe to the newsletter on our website.