Before talking about the laboratory, What Do you know about the fume hood? 

As we all know that lab experiments are always done in a laboratory. Always keep your laboratory clean and maintains it properly with the up to date functions. Lab items always need repairs for working fast with update versions and good maintenance.

Fume hoods serve to preserve laboratory personnel from breathing chemical gases, vapors, as well as aerosols. They also provide a physical barrier between laboratories and the dangerous materials inside the hood.

In simple words, you can say that fume hoods are a kind of ventilation system with the former function to exhaust the chemical fumes, vapors, gasses, dust, and mist. Fume hoods offer you protection from inhaling exposure, chemical spills, runaway reactions and fires work, and many others. 

The fume hoods are helpful to you while experimenting in the laboratory and help you to secure. 

While working in a laboratory environment, whether it is educational or industrial, it’s mandatory to have an accurately functioning fume hood at the disposal plus a lab worker that understands how to utilize it. Fume hoods help you to make an informed decision. 

What are the types of fume hoods? 

General purpose, Bench top fume hood.

2. Distillation fume hood: a distillation fume hood is defined by its weight of low worktop, which outcomes huge working height for the operator. It provides you tall distillation equipment in lab work. It has similar features to the standard fume hood. 

3. Perchloric acid fume hood: perchloric acid reacts explosively with organic materials while dried perchloric acid also reacts violently. Perchloric fume hoods need making in water wash down systems to protect perchlorate salt deposits. Interiors liners are built up of acid like stainless steel. It prevents you from dangerous reactions with other chemicals.

4. Radioisotope fume hood: Radioisotope is uniquely composed to defend users from radioactive materials. It is constructed or developed to make you safe while experimenting in the laboratory without any fear and risk of getting catches by fire and other dangerous risks. 

5. Acid digestion fume hood: acid digestion fume hood is specially manufactured for the protection of the laboratory users. It involves high service temperatures and many other materials. 

6. Floor mounted fume hoods: floor mounted fume hoods are used for the applications which need large apparatus. These hoods are floor mounted externally any task surface. It facilitates the transfer of equipment and materials inside and outside the hood. 

7. Demonstration fume hood: Demonstration fume hood has contained all four sides which are made up of safety glass. This hood is most used in educational institutions to the students so that they can easily see their teacher’s demonstrations inside the fume hood from all angles of the hood, it increased your efficiency level in teaching laboratories.

 8. Ductless fume hoods:Ductless fume hoods are used for the activation of carbon filtration to absorb chemical vapors and fumes. These hoods help you to grow because it saves your energy savings and green movement and leads you to popularity.