What’s Biosecurity

It is a plan that contains a set of practices that are adopted to maintain a safe and healthy environment at your ranch or farm. It prevents infectious diseases and viruses from entering your property. A biosecurity plan requires monitoring and evaluation of livestock and crops in order to ensure their health and performance. Crop production and cattle production both require an environment that is clean from germs are viruses that may affect the on-going operations at farms and ranches.

Importance of biosecurity

There are several reasons why a biosecurity plan would be essential for your business.

  • Ensuring good food quality is necessary for all farms and ranches in order to achieve consumer trust and compete in the market. High-quality products can not only help you to make profits but also increase the demand for your products.
  • It is necessary to keep animals healthy and productive. It ensures that your crops and animals are kept away from infectious viruses and plant diseases making your farm operations better.
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy environment is a must as a successful agricultural industry is a powerful asset of any country for its economic development.

Key role players

Farm owners work with nutritionists and veterinarians for the successful implementation of the biosecurity plan. Every person that works on the farm or visits the farm has an important role to play. It is essential to follow all the steps mentioned in the plan in order to ensure it’s implementation on a regular basis to bring notable changes and improving the overall performance of the farm.

Every threat must be identified and defined according to its severity such as low, medium, or high-level threat and must be eliminated as soon as possible according to the risk management framework defined by the biosecurity plan.

A well-developed plan works as an asset in a farm’s success. It helps you to grow your business and enjoy profits.

How often should you update the plan?

A biosecurity plan must be updated every year or according to the requirement. Farm owners must monitor animals’ and farm’s performance on a regular basis in order to see if any areas need improvement of fixing. Changes must be made in the plan accordingly.

The growth of weed and the introduction of infections and viruses can become a major threat if not taken care of. Farm operators must find the cause of their introduction and make sure that it gets removed from the property completely before it’s spread.

Animals’ must be checked regularly in order to make sure they are healthy and free from any illness or disease. After updating the plan, all farmworkers must be informed about the changes to ensure their implementation.

Infections and diseases can break into your property easily if your biosecurity plan is ineffective and poor. It can not only decrease the chances of making a profit but you will also lose the trust of your consumers if your products do not meet the market requirement. You will end up paying a large sum of fines and with a bad reputation.