If you are planning to amp the look of your home, it’s worth hiring savvy house painters for your house painting project. Expert painters will make the entire process go smooth for starting till end and help you end up with paint that looks awesome for the years to come. But finding reliable painters for the job is tough. So here is a quick guide for you so that you get the right painter for the job.

Craft a Solid Plan

Before hiring house painters, it’s best to identify in advance about what things you need to paint in your home, what type of paint to use, and whether you want several coatings. Remember, inferior quality paints do not last long. So, it’s a good idea to focus on premium quality paints.


Conduct In-depth Research

To find excellent house painters, you need to conduct a good amount of research. The Internet, family, and friends are excellent sources to collect references.

Get a Quote

Quote will help you get an estimate of the total price for our painting project. It might include a detailed summary of material costs, labor cost, requites cost of paint and primer, etc.

Interview the Chosen Painters

Call at least three to five painting contractors. But make sure you ask the right questions. It’s good to ask them for a meeting to know how long they look to assess the condition of your home, crew size, and other crucial details. It will help you to make a better decision when it comes to your house painting project.

Verify References

Request references from the painting contractors and makes a list of their past customers. Call them one by one to know how good they are at their work, how many years of experience they have, how long they took to complete their house painting project and other vital details.

Note: Professional painters also keep themselves updated on the latest painting products and techniques from time to time. They also give valuable suggestions for colors and finishes. So, it’s best to pick Knowledgeable house painters.

Best Painters for Your House

Check Reviews Online

Before recruiting a house painter, check if they have BBB ratings. Type their agency’s name, followed by the words ‘scam’ or ‘rip off’ on Google to know their reputation in the painting industry. Read reviews on websites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook. You can even get more information about their Company by checking Contractors License Reference Site of your state.

Tip: Choose a local paint agency with 4-star ratings or above.

Get a Contract

Do not assume anything your painter tells you. Instead, get everything in the written form. Also, make sure that the contract has the necessary details like name, address, license number, office, and cell numbers of each painter. It is also vital that the agreement clearly declares what services and what’s not included in the project.

If possible, get a photocopy of the compensation insurance certificates and liability of every painter. Hire for another one, if they tell you that they do not have any coverage.

Request for a Guarantee

Top house painters are highly confident about the job they do and happy to offer you a guarantee against excessive fading, chalking, blistering, and chipping.

Tell your Expectations

It’s best to clearly specify your expectations to the painting contractors to ensure that you get the house painted as you desire. Remember, if you want something more special, be prepared to pay an extra amount.

Hire the Ones that Reply you Promptly

After giving a detailed job description to the house painters, evaluate whether they answer all your queries or not. Of course, you need to be aware of everything. But if the painters are not responding to your questions and are clearly not giving answers, it’s best to hire another contractor for the job.

Seek Asbestos and Lead

If your house was built before the year 1978, there are chances that your home paint contains leads and asbestos. So, you must inform your painters so that they take proper precautions to eliminate it safely. It will help you to prevent deadly hazards in no time.

Check their License

Before you invite any painter to your home, make sure you ask them if they have a valid license to do the job. Remember, legitimate contractors, need to pass an examination to get it. Thus, if the one you are hiring does not possess any license, it’s a red flag that they lack expertise. Reputed painting companies Brisbane have licensed and insured house painters.

Tip: To check if someone has a valid contractor’s painting license or not, call Contractors’ State License Board at 800-321-2752 or go to their website at www.cslb.ca.gov.

Stay Away from Painters that Ask Money in Advance

 Always make sure that you do not give 10 to 20% cash in advance to the house painters. Instead, pay until the entire work gets completed, and all your requirements get met well.

Wrapping Up:

There is no surprise that top house painters will beautify your house and complete the project in the set time frame. In fact, the painting crew will arrive in protective uniforms and conduct a complete cleanup once the job gets completed. 

You want someone with the right experience, skill, and knowledge about safety problems, but picking the right residential contractor for home painting job is an overwhelming task for most of the homeowners. So take into account the guide mentioned above to save your effort and time.