Canon printers are known for their reliable quality printing for both home and office use. But if you receive some error on the printer, that situation can be very exasperating. Here you will come to know about the Canon printer error 5200.

Canon Error 5200

The Error 5200 is a code that is related to ink level and its usage inside the printer. When the printer is programmed to combine remaining ink to print black, this means all the cartridges installed in the canon printers are empty or near to it. In this scenario, the printer operator will change the cartridges.

After some time, due to the malfunction of the printer or can be due to ink level reader, the error called 5200 would appear. This error stops the printer from printing. So, if you are experiencing this error, then read the below method to fix it and can resume printing activity. any of these Canon errors Could be the result of incorrect installation. get canon manual & download the software to fix canon printer not printing problems.

Method 1

In this method, the user has to reset the printer.

  • By pressing the power button Turn the printer off.
  • After that press and hold the stop button
  • Now press and hold Power ON button
  • Now while pressing the ON button, leave the STOP button
  • As Power is on, press the STOP button twice
  • After that release the power button
  • Wait for the message which printer will display in a minute time
  • When the message appears to uncover the top cover that exposes cartridges
  • Now lift the cartridges holder while taking out both black and white cartridges
  • Place the cartridges holder at its position
  • While doing this printer must be turned off
  • After placing cartridges turn the printer on

Method 2

Install the repair tools

The user can also solve this error 5200 by installing the repair tools. All these tools are available on many websites that can be paid or for free. There is a unique tool for fixing this issue, which is invented by Microsoft.

Method 3

Contact the expert

If in case any of the methods did not work to solve the error 5200, then immediately contact the expert. If the printer is in warranty, you will get extra help to solve this error called 5200, or you might get a new printer if it is not addressed. to Know More About the error Visit Canon Error 5200 & its Fix

So, experience new and authentic shades with your Canon printers for any use.