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Pogo games by electronic arts are quite famous amoung users around the globe however its mostly used in unites states, Canada, and the united kingdom. Today in this article we help you fix pogo games not loading related problems in quick and easy methods.

Why Pogo Games Won’t Load

many factors could lead to Pogo games not loading properly or not loading at all. let us list them one by one –

  • Browser trouble with Games
  • outdated java or flash troubles
  • pop up blocker, firewall, or antivirus software
  • slow internet or junk extension in a browser
  • pogo website is done or not reachable

one can try to fix the problem on there own or you can contact pogo customer support number for help at any point in time for accurate help.

Browser adjustments for Games-

to tackle the problem we need to start the process in the easy method so we don’t lose track of the troubleshooting. start with the Browser first-

  • Change the Browser & see if the games work
  • Try a different game and try again to make sure the problem is not with individual games.
  • make sure to remove pop-up blocker for pogo games or extension is blocking the game windows

Uninstall/Reinstall Updated Java

now before you install the new java please remove the older version of the software.

  • Go to the Control panel of the computer.
  • click on programs & find the list of installed software.
  • select the java and uninstall the program then restart the computer.
  • now go to https://www.java.com/en/ and download the software.
  • run the application to install it and enable in the browser when asked.

after installation restarts the computer and sees if the games work. java is only required for java games so other games can run without java.

Test Antivirus / Internet /Firewall

make sure the internet speed is fine please check the speed once. update the antivirus to the latest version available. please check to make sure the pogo game is now loading.

Please login to your wifi router console and update the router firmware to the latest version available for faster internet. if you are away from your wifi router please make sure the signal Quality is better or install an range extender to the network system.

Let us know you thoughts. if you need any other help let us know.