Search the same query on Google and you’ll find an almost infinite number of companies and people ready to deliver everything for a hefty price. But before you choose someone blindly or turn back halfway during the procedure, it’s better to come prepared on the costs involved, quality of service, reliability and most importantly, the existence of such freight forwarding companies/people.

Inland Shipment of a Vehicle

Take for instance shipping a vehicle to or from the US or any other overseas territory, the bulk of the overseas freight will be considered as foreign shipping. Unless yours is a major port city (to all the local coastal dwellers), you’d need considering the total cost of vehicle delivery inland to a foreign/international shipping port!

In case you drive a highly energy-efficient vehicle, driving it to the desired destination is worth shipping especially when fuel or gas costs are low. But when shipping a bigger vehicle that can be a truck, SUV or any other that literally consumes a lot of fuel, shipping is a better and wiser option. That said, freight forwarding rates can catapult quicker for larger and bulky vehicles, which also includes family SUVs.

If the shipping company you’ve booked deal in both domestic and international logistics, it’s possible you get a discount for both options or perhaps ship at the same cost.

Ask For Help

If you’re moving abroad and able to drop off and pick up the vehicle conveniently, a familiar native can also do it for you or you can do it all by yourself! But when importing a car, especially from a country you’re totally unfamiliar, better leave it to someone you can trust and native of that particular state thus clearing through the customs and other official paperwork in the right way. If someone else is responsible to collect the car from the port, be sure that the person or organization is reliable.

Once the vehicle reaches the desired destination, you’ll surely need someone having access to the port and on the ship itself. All that’s required then is walking on the ship and drive off with the vehicle peacefully but if you’ve booked someone to do this as well for you, leave the step to them

International Shipping Essentials

There’re two different yet common steps to ship a vehicle safely overseas and unless you’re willing to spend a fortune for having it air-shipped, here’s how to do it via ocean on a freight ship. Do remember that it’ll take a few weeks before the delivery has been completed.

  • Roll On, Roll Off (RORO)

Different than many other types of heavy freights, cars don’t move with a huff and puff as that of a horse or human which makes it more of a grinding task. Because of the convenient fact, the cheapest way to ship a car abroad is doing the drop-off and pick up part all by yourself.

In typical shipping terminology, it’s called Roll On, Roll Off (RORO). You drive the vehicle to the boat just as you do at the parking lot, secure it and pick it up when delivered.

Just be sure to have the vehicle fully serviced, cleaned and prepared for the trip ahead which also involves removing access items that you usually keep else all would be charged with a particular cost.

Shipping Containers for Cars

Although RORO is the easiest way to ship a vehicle, all freight forwarding isn’t done in the same way while others simply aren’t left exposed to the natural elements. Take for instance a new vehicle you just imported taking a beat from rain and wind when shipped via sea.

Other modes of international logistics might cost a bit more but there’re options other than the ocean. One such is air freight which makes shipment quicker yet, costlier than the sea. Global traders and bigger logistics companies have multiple shipping methods allowing customers to choose accordingly.