Got a suitable shampoo and conditioner for your hair type? Now you must be relaxed thinking about you have all that your hair needs. Well, you are wrong here! The worry does not end here as our hair may require much than just shampoo and conditioner and thus there are numerous other products also available in the market.

Shampoo and conditioner only make your hair and scalp clean and yes, they indeed make hair soft and shiny. Thus, they are very important to give you shiny and smooth looking hair but that is not enough as if your hair is healthy, then it should also look good and stylish. That is why we have a variety of different hair styling products such as gel, lotion, wax, pomade, spray and many more.

After your hair gets treatment and care with shampoo and conditioner, it requires something that can assist it in turning into an awesome hairstyle. Hair wax is one of the styling masters that helps to turn your hair into any hairdo easily. Whether your hair is straight or curly, if you wish to get i9t into something eye-catching then you can completely rely on hair wax for that.

Hair wax is the best styling option that comes with extraordinary capabilities to make your hairstyle amazingly. Besides conditioning your hair thoroughly, it helps to enhance the volume, structure and texture of your hair. Available in a solid form, it works brilliantly to hold your hairstyle in its place just like hair gel do.

You can consider KeraCare styling wax stick as it does not stiffen your hair but keep it bouncy and pliable throughout the day. Scroll down to know how to style your hair with the help of wax.

KeraCare styling wax stick

The method of applying wax is very simple as you just have to take a right quantity of gel in your hand and rub it till it gets melt or you can use minimal water to make it a paste. Then apply it evenly on your hair to set it in the right place and you can style your hair as per your desire. 

But there are some which you would have to be aware of while using hair wax on your hair to avoid your style or hair turn into a bad one. Follow these tips vigorously to avoid such circumstances and enjoy carefree hairstyles every day.

Apply the right amount of wax

Overusing wax can turn your hair into every hardstyle which makes your hair look stubborn and tough as it keeps even a single trad to move. Thus, it is important to take hair wax in an appropriate quantity to make your hairstyle worth sending money and time. If you use less amount of wax, then it will also add a minus point in your style. using it in a proper quantity is thus necessary and you can prefer the internet to know how much wax you should put in your hair length.

Pay attention towards the end

Whether you have straight hair or curly, if your hair is layer cut then it is best to apply bit amount of wax at the end of your layers as it will give your hairstyle a vivacious look. Better to wash your hair first before applying hair wax. Else you can give other treatment like leave-in to your hair and prepare it for styling. Use KeraCare leave-in conditioner and then apply wax to achieve a desirable result.

KeraCare Leave In Conditioner

Spread it thoroughly all over the head

When you use wax, the attention must be paid to spreading it all over the head into each strand so there will be no tress lest without benefiting from wax. You can also apply KeraCare foam wrap set lotion along or before hair wax to enhance your curls or straight hair look. If you put wax at just one place and do not spread it correctly, then it may affect that part of your hair badly and even ruin your hairstyle.

KeraCare Foam Wrap-Set Lotion

Thus, hair wax is trending and very popular hairstyling master nowadays to style your hair in all kinds of hairdos and it is worth giving a shot. Better to keep these mentioned dos and don’ts in your mind while applying hair wax.