A sleeper sofa is an excellent piece of furniture to own if you are in a family that is slightly too cramped. All ready to fit an extra bed in the house as it fits perfectly into a living room. Which allows it to pull double duty as both sofa and bed when necessary.

Another great place for a sofa bed is in your bachelor pad as it gives you the most bang for your buck and takes up less space.

With housing sizes decreasing, a sleeper sofa is often the perfect fit as it easily changes back and forth between full-sized mattress. When in need of bedding and sofa when you need to have a seat and relax. It makes a great guest bed when having overnight guests and it can be exciting for the kids too as they can alternate nights sleeping on it. There is an extensive array of sizes, colors, and designs that you can find the mattresses in.

Size and weight

When purchasing a sleeper sofa, there are several important details that you should pay attention to. The size and weight of the mattress that you will purchase should be the foremost consideration. If you think you will get extensive use out of your sleeper sofa as a bed. You will definitely want to get one that is light enough that you will be able to easily convert it.

Light-weight mattress

Converting the sofa to a bed and vice versa will be far easier if you get a light-weight mattress than if you have to struggle with a heavier one. If you purchase one that is too heavy you may not be able to do the conversion by yourself.

Rigidity and/or Softness

Another consideration is the desired amount of rigidity and/or softness that you are looking for in the mattress itself. If you are unfamiliar with the term, rigidity is best described as how much support. The mattress will give you and how much of its original shape the mattress retains while you sleep on it. Usually, a more flexible mattress will give you a more comfortable sleep and will normally be of a higher quality as well. Furthermore, rigidity is something to take into account because it determines how long the mattress will remain in its original shape.

Final Word:

Obviously, you want to purchase the best sleeper sofa that is made of the best materials so that it will last as long as possible. The most common materials in the mattresses are cotton, foam, and polyester. If you are looking to use the sleeper sofa mattress with regularity the foam mattress will be the best bet because of its flexibility. Alternatively, the polyester mattresses are light and sport impressive rigidity as well if that is what you desire. These are some of the most important considerations for when you go to purchase a sleeper sofa mattress.