Why Cat Tree is important for our feline?

Although a cat tree might initially seem to be an extravagant purchase, its benefits are far beyond comparison especially if you have an indoor kitty. While humans reside in a horizontal universe, cats stay at a vertical one and seek out elevated areas for engaging in exercise and similar fun activities.

Maybe this is the reason why our favorite four-legged friends can often be spotted atop a bookcase and refrigerator. Being perched on the tallest tower of the room like that of a cat tree can provide them with a sensation of immense joy.

  • A vertical territory helps in maintaining peace in a multi-cat environment as the highest perch is claimed by the higher-ranking cat as a mark of his status. This can also establish harmony between cats’ as they display their superior position by climbing up the tree rather than engaging in physical fights for establishing authority.
  • Timid or frightened cats can also find a safe haven in a cat tree which is a place that does not contain any unfamiliar aroma in stark contrast to a chair or sofa. While being seated on the top perch, they can easily keep a tab on their surrounding environment.
  • This helps them in having more visual warning time against an advancing opponent. A timid cat can also find comfort in staying perched on a tree rather than fleeing behind the furniture or under the bed if it gets alarmed by something
  • A multi-perched cat tree inculcates a sharing habit amongst your felines while maintaining the pecking order. Even the ones who don’t usually share the window ledge in peace can be seen sitting comfortably on the porch while enjoying the lovely view of birds fluttering outside. The best thing about this tree is that it allows every single cat to maintain his status and feel safe in spite of being in proximity with others.
  • Apart from being the perfect resting spot for your feline friends, a cat tree can also serve as a superb scratching post. Be it bare wood or sisal layering over the posts, your cat is bound to fall in love with the same. You can increase the scratching options for your cat by wrapping your tree having carpeted support with an untreated rope.

It becomes imperative to consider the size and build of your cat before buying a cat tree. There is simply no point in buying a tree having small and flat perches if you have a large cat. In this case, your kitty will be left hanging over the perch while experiencing immense vulnerability.

Rather, you need to choose a tree having appropriately sized perches. Its best to opt for the “U” shaped ones as that can provide your cat with the option of resting his back against the side. This can make them feel more secure as they have something solid to recline on.

You can buy a cat tree from the online stores as well as your local pet shop. The price range of these trees varies widely depending upon its intricacy of design. However, it all comes down to the level of sturdiness as well as comfort. Your cat will avoid resting on a tree which wobbles every time she leaps from the floor to the perch.

Little kitty condos are also not of much use as your cat will outgrow it soon enough. A cat enclosure is also infamous for limiting the potential of your cat and that is exactly where the cat tree stands out with its supreme versatility.

The placement of the tree also has a big role to play in determining its usability. It is advisable to place it next to a window so that your cat can have a clear view of the outdoor environment while being rested on the same. Alternatively, you can place it in your drawing room so that your favorite pet gets to participate in all your get-togethers with friends and family.

Final Thoughts

Since a cat tree is the personal space of your feline, it is also necessary to teach small children and dogs that the same is strictly off limits.