As you All know, QuickBooks is a Financial Accounting Software. Which is widely used in small and mid-sized companies and individual practitioners, who are looking for a solution to fulfill their financial needs. The Accounting software is been popularized by its User-friendly features, handling the transactions, maintaining records, payroll management, Track Expenses and many other activities that meet the customer requirement. Which is done with the help of QuickBooks financial accounting software.

At the present time, many software is there in the market, which includes certain errors and causes glitches into the smooth working of the software. One such error is QuickBooks Error H202. which broke down its normal functionality of the software and would not allow the user to access the company financial data. This type of error occurs when a user tries to switch QuickBooks into a Multi-user mode. Due to this error, the user is not able to access the company file which is located on another PC.

What is QuickBooks Error H202?

Quickbooks error H202 is an error which is occurred when the user trying to switch into Multi-user Operational Mode and appear when the user is trying to open the Quickbooks Company File which is located on another PC. The reason behind this problem is may, the copy of Quickbooks cannot reach the server on the computer. When a user is trying to Accessing a Quickbooks file through Multi-user Operational Mode. The Error message H202 will appear on the pop-up displaying screen as “You are trying to work with a company file that is located on another computer, and this copy of QuickBooks cannot reach the server (H202)”. These types of errors implies that the server cannot reach or blocked for Multi-user connections.

Reasons for QuickBooks Error H202
some of the possible causes of the QuickBooks Error H202.

QuickBooks Desktop is trying to set up an association with the organization record which cannot connect to the server because of one of the reasons:
Wrong facilitating design settings.
A framework firewall blocking approaching and active correspondence.
Because of DNS settings not configured properly.
QuickBooks can’t reach the IP address of the host framework or server facilitating the organization document.

QuickBooks administrations like QuickBooksDBXX or QBCFMonitor not running yet.
Some interior services QuickBooks administrations like QuickBooksDBXX or QBCFMonitor aren’t running yet.
QuickBooks Database Server Manager is harmed or corrupted.

Many solutions are there to fix the error. Which is depending upon the exact cause of error occur in QuickBooks Error H202?

How to Resolve H202 Error in QuickBooks

There are many different ways that help you to fix your QuickBooks H202 Error. Follow the instruction properly, for better results:-

Solution 1: Ping your server from a workstation
Open the Windows Start menu on your server and on the error facing workstations.
Type “Network” into the search and then open the Network and Sharing Center.
Select Change Advanced Sharing settings.
Turn on Network Discovery and File and Printer Sharing choices.
Now, you need to get the server name from your server.
From the start menu on your server computer, type “Run” in the search bar
Type “CMD” into the Run window and hit enter.
Type “ipconfig/all” into the CMD window and press Enter.
Find the text Host Name on the screen and to its right is where the server name is written.
Note down this Host Name.
Move to the workstation to test the server.
Open Run from the Windows Start menu. And type “CMD” into the Run window.
Then, type “ping_your server name,” and hit Enter. Repeat the above steps on every workstation that is having the QuickBooks Error H202.

Solution 2: Delete and Recreate the .nd file

Search on the windows search bar for *.nd and press Enter
From the results, delete the .nd file.
Now navigate to All Programs > QuickBooks > QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
Click on the “Scan Folder” tab and hit the “Add Folder” button.
Browse the company file and click on the Ok button.
Start the scanning processes by clicking on Scan.
Once the scan is complete click on Close.

Solution 3: Host the Local Files for QuickBooks Error H202 Fix

Open QuickBooks application and open the Product Information screen by using the F2 key.
In the lower-left, just below the Local Server Information, click Hosting to reflect “local files only.”
Make sure that no other computer in the network tries to access the same company file.

Solution 4: Add your server to Windows Host File

Access the windows hosts file using Notepad on the computer which is facing the error.
The host file is located at (C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\).
Open Notepad as Admin, if needed.
After the last IP address type the server’s IP address (For instructions on looking up your server’s IP address follow article How to Find your Local and External IP Address)
Hit the Tab key and type in the server name and from File menu click on Save.
Press Exit.
Open the company file to see if it has become accessible and QuickBooks Error H202 is resolved.

Solution 5: Restart QuickBooks Database Manager

Press the Windows key and Search Run in the search dialogue box.
Type services.msc and click on OK to open it.
Right-click QuickBooksDB19 (2009), QuickBooksDB18 (2008) or QuickBooksDB17 (2007) and hit Stop.
By right-clicking select Start and after that close the window.
Display extensions for the known file types.
Right-click on the Windows Start button and select Explore> Tools> Folder Options.
By clicking the View tab, clear Hide extensions for the known file types box.
Again click the read tab and choose Show hidden files and folders, clear the “Hide protected OS files” box.
Click on Yes that appears on the warning and hit OK.
Close the Windows Explorer browser and try accessing the company file again.

Solution 6: Check the services on your server

Open the Windows begin Menu on your server pc.
Type “Run” into the search and open Run.
Type “services.msc” into the Run window, so press Enter.
Find out and double-click the QuickBooksDBXX on the list XX notes your version of QuickBooks.
Select Automatic for the Startup Type.
Make sure the Service standing is either Running or Started.
If it’s neither, select Start.
Navigate to the Recovery tab.
Select Restart the Service from every one of those drop-down menus: initial failure, Second failure, and later failures.
Select Apply and then select OK to save the changes.
Repeat these steps for QBCFMonitorService.

All the information above I mentioned is totally right for you. And relevant to solve your queries and concerns related to Quickbooks Error H202. just simply follow these solution steps to resolve your queries. But still, if you having any problem related to QuickBooks Error H202, then you can talk to our representative or you can visit our website Quickbooks Support