You probably have scrolled through Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy pictures more time than you have scrolled through baby pictures. Idolizing the perfect baby bumps that celebrities flaunt in their maternity period has become an obsession to you. You want to look as cute as them actually, it’s not just an obsession with their pictures.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time period and everyone adores pregnant women. It is more than just 9 months of wait and nausea, it is an absolutely beautiful time to bond with that life growing inside you. And, when that baby grows up, you would want him/her to see how his/her mommy looked when they were due. You surely do not want them to see the messy and downside of your pregnancy but would rather want them to see your glowing face and the beautiful baby bump.

Shopping Guide:

Maternity clothes can be dull and boring. Too simple for you liking too. So, here is a list of the kind of clothes that you can get for yourself and of what size and color, which would make your baby bump look like the pictures you see of the pregnant celebs on your Instagram feed:


  1. Check the Fabric:

It is extremely important that you pay attention to the fabric of the clothes that you are about to buy. Comfortable, light and stretchable material should be your choice. When you’re expecting, comfort is the key because it isn’t about 2 or 3 months, it is about 9 whole months. Go for breathable natural fibers like cotton, with a touch of elasticity so that it grows on you.

  1. Keep Your Style:

If you like the rockstar look, you do not need to switch to pretty floral prints. It’s high time and street fashion is acceptable and looks gorgeous on pregnant ladies. You will have no trouble finding your type of clothes. And, if you like feminine floral outfits then there are plenty of options available on online clothing brands. You can check floral printed 3 piece suits online in Pakistan at Pret Diaries. 

  1. Perfect Bra Size:

It is very important to wear the right size of bra while you’re pregnant because your breasts need your support more than ever. Get properly fitted bras once you’ve outgrown your normal ones. The size of your breast change drastically during your pregnancy and the right size of bra would make any outfit look good as well.

  1. Fitted Clothes All The Way:

Fitted clothes are perfect if you want to show off your beautiful baby bump to the world and be proud of it. Just make sure they fit perfectly and are not too tight because again your comfort is important. Check these summer dresses on sale!

  1. Dark Colours For Parties:

Choose darker shades if you have to attend a party, it would flaunt your baby bump and hide the extra pounds that you have gained in the rest of the parts of your body.

Motherhood is beautiful, bringing a child in this world is not a piece of cake. You deserve to look gorgeous and feel beautiful from the inside as well. Your glow is contagious and your smile makes the world shine. Enjoy this period while it lasts!