For all sorts of odd hairs such as wavy Moroccanoil Beach Wave Mousse, adds volume to them easily, it provides them even hairs without much efforts. It has great styling control once applied on hairs.

It says sea salt spray, but unique in it’s own since it does not have salt, which protect hairs from being dehydrate.

We have added UV absorbs in such a way that, it won’t damages the hairs but it protects hairs from harmful sun rays & also protect hairs from lights which are harmful on hairs, this results natural growth & flexible hold so that one can have protective hair styles for long period of time.

This blend has Argan oil as key ingredients, also it has proteins, vitamin E which helps nourishing of all types of hairs.

This does not blend with Parabens & Phthalates.

How to use:

As all directs, shake well before use so that mixtures gets blend with each other to give reach results.

One needs to apply it on wet hairs.

Get Moroccanoil Beach Wave Mousse into your palms, rub it between your palms, then apply it from mid-lenths to the end points of your hairs, use your fingertips to massage your hairs for 10-15 minutes, it will ensures that your scalp will get proper amount of blood circulations, which will add volume & growth in hairs.

Key Benefits:

-It gives natural beach hair textures without being any effect of salts in it.

-It partitioned hairs to form waves in hairs, & can style any protective hair styles.

-As Argan Oil is Key ingredient, it provides flexible hold for long period of time.

In our day to day life we does face many impurities, which are in our surroundings or products which we are using on body parts, & if it does not treated on time then it will results in building of impurities which will harm the body.

The amount of polluted Moisture, Light, Air enters in hairs it creates them Frizzy & Unhealthy, it’s mostly since there is no way to get them out since in Frizzy state hairs become dry & all polluted moisture gets stuck with the Frizzy hairs. Moroccanoil clarifying shampoo removes all stuck polluted surroundings and it makes hairs smooth & does helps in improving the growth of hairs & by using twice a day & it also provides strength to fight from moisture & makes hairs frizzy free.

It is a blend of mash of Avocado and Argan removes all the dust particles which are stuck with your hairs & are main source in building to dry hair, once all dust particle removed from scalp, it gives ways for the nourishment of hairs, it gives naturally shiny hairs.

All the Moroccanoil products are blend with rich oils, which are helpful in getting textured hairs for every age, some are listed below which one can use & gets the desired results on hairs.