Cheap, original and with a certain geek touch. These are the gadgets that we propose for you to live Valentine’s Day this year … Different

Valentine’s Day is here. Forget about traditional gifts such as flowers, chocolates or jewelry, this year it’s time to enjoy a very freak Valentine. How? With any of these proposals.

Mini LED Lamp for nails: Manicure with love

With a size of 15 x 14 x 5 cm, a weight of 238 grams and a heart shape, this mini LED lamp offers a power of 3w and has an internal battery that is recharged by USB. It’s a function? Very simple: dry your nails, yes, with one hand.

Stick SilberDream: To save memories

In addition to being beautiful, accessories must be useful; for this reason, this heart-shaped pendant hides a USB memory inside. This model, in particular, is made of stainless steel and has embedded zircons, but there are many similar products of different materials, shapes, and colors.

Mark Maddox MC0004-97: With glitter

This women’s watch has a case made of metal plated with zirconia on the bezel and a red heart on the dial. It has a quartz movement, is resistant to water up to 3 atm of pressure and has a red patent leather strap.

Ice-Watch Ice-Love: Time flies!

Available in four colors (red, pink, white or black) and in three different sizes, Ice-Watch’s most romantic proposal is an analog watch with silicone strap, mineral crystal and three-needle movement (Miyota 2033). The box is made of polyamide +, while the dial has a huge heart. It is submersible up to 10 atm of pressure.

3M Post-it Dispenser Pop-U: A little message?

3M has created all kinds of dispensers for its famous Post-it, with the shape of an apple, bag, cat and, of course, heart. This model also includes a pack of 50 or 100 adhesive sheets in pink (76 x 76 mm), but you can always buy the Post-it in the form of a heart to round out the task.

Flamingo printed phone cases

In the market, you have many covers and covers designed specifically for the different generations of the Apple phone. We have chosen this polycarbonate model from Zepper that fits like a glove to the iPhone 6 / 6s. Pretty at the same time discreet.

Red Heart Square Gaming Pad: Smooth movements

In the market, there are plenty of mats with designs inspired by love. Among all of them, we have chosen this proposal that, without becoming corny, is full of hearts. Leaving aside its decoration, its anti-slip support and its minimal friction stand out. It has approximate dimensions of 23 x 19 cm.

Iphoria Powerbank Power of Love: The energy you need

We continue with more beautiful gadgets and, most importantly, very practical. In this case, it is a portable battery with 4,400 mAh that is recharged through its MicroUSB port and is able to provide a full charge to the iPhone. It is available in pink or lilac.

Anti-stress keychain: Double utility

Why are you going to settle for a nice keychain if you can also use it as a method to de-stress? Indeed, squeeze this soft heart when your partner upsets you. Both of you will appreciate it.

Double Jack Adapter: Song of two

Share your music with whoever you want thanks to this headphone adapter with two 3.5mm Jack jacks in the shape of a heart. It is available in different colors, among them, pink and red, of course. Also, you can take it as a keychain.

LED Lamp Love: Light was made

If you want to create a warm and romantic atmosphere, take note of this red lamp with the word “LOVE” in vintage style. It does not need cables, but it works with 2 AA batteries (not included), so it can be placed anywhere. It is made of painted metal, has 16 LED bulbs and has measures of 47 x 21 x 5.5 cm.