Yoga is a perfect way to balance mind, soul, and body and this should be practiced more often. If you like to be a part of the same and would like to experience everything as the yogis feel, join 200 hour Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. You must alter your day to day life accordingly, think like them and yes, don’t forget to do minor or major alterations in your daily diet.

Summers have already knocked down the doors and the sun shines all day and it is very bright. This creates a lot of hot and humidity, and such warm radiates the body strongly. As in our body, the fire element activates due to the same, however, we should have something to heal down our body for better transformation, growth, and energy. Also, don’t forget, when Agni and pitta are there in our bodies and become very strong, they increase a lot of anger, anxiety, restlessness, and a person can become a part of other issues. In order to avoid the same, we have several options, but do focus on daily meditation whenever you get the time and look forward to including the best summer super food in your daily diet as follows-

Have sweet foods to beat the heat

Yes, sweet foods are the best to go as they help in increasing the moisture in the body, which helps to avoid body heat. Such food includes- milk, buttermilk, ghee, and bread.

Hydrate your body to the fullest and eat raw

In order to protect the pitta from overheating and to avoid body issues, drinking a good amount of water is important. One can also have fresh juices of vegetables and fruits, coconut water and drink throughout the day for amazing body hydration. Also, including raw vegetables and fruits are the best way to decrease the temperature of the heat in the body and they will help us to keep fit and healthy. So, it is a must to increase your fluid and raw intake.


This is generally made from the Bengal Gram and it is the best way to control over the body heat. Yes, this is known as instant cooling food, which will put quick effects on the body. It is insoluble fiber and best to use for your intestines. All in all, this is a perfect cooling agent, energy giving food and good for the digestion, hence sattu must be added in your diet.

Include water-rich fruits

It is very important to be hydrated your body and for the same, there are few specific fruits can’t be ignored during the summer season, including- watermelon, peaches, mango, pineapple, grapes, berries and few more which will keep you away from the dehydration and you will be refreshed always. Even, you can blend the fruits and make delicious smoothies and juices.

Avoid fast and hot and spicy food

It is important to avoid spicy and fast food as they will increase more burn to your body. Yes, these foods are very warm and taking the same during summers you will find yourself around with different issues. Also, you should minimize the foods that are over fried, overcooked along with the processed foods. Even, avoiding meat during the summers will be a great idea, which will help in cooling the body as well as promoting great health.

Intake great herbs

Many herbs are there which have amazing cooling properties, including- Ashwagandha, Brahmi, and Tulsi and will help in reducing all stress, body burn, and anxiety as well. They are also called the best detoxifying and cleansing agent hence will cool down and balance your body system completely.

Such superfoods are must be tried not just by the yogis, but also other people and enjoy summer season without any health and wellness trouble.