We will always have some people debating the goods and badges of social media forums. And completely correct! Most claim that social networking sites have connected them more than their loved ones. Like the AT&T fiber map, our country looks like a more connected place. But, we cannot ignore the fact that these sites have also created unprecedented access to the lives and information of people and businesses. And when it comes to scammers and hackers it is a very risky thing. Nobody wants to leave social media. People and especially Americans are accustomed to these sites. Nor is it a reasonable option.

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Avoid Third-Party Apps

You may think that your social media account is closed and cannot be accessed publicly. But you should know that hackers may still be able to access your profile through various vulnerabilities. And these vulnerabilities are usually caused by third-party applications. Here is a popular example. The hackers accessed the Twitter accounts of Amnesty International and Forbes. He used a simple flaw in the Twitter counter app that is used in the Twitter analysis.

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Unattainable accounts on social media

Yes, it is a good practice to reserve a good location and create a profile on every social media channel. Even if you do not have to use them immediately. This is usually done to maintain your constant presence on all social media networks. It makes it easy and simple for people to see you. However, it is important not to ignore your unused accounts. And the same goes for both, accounts you no longer use and accounts you don’t use yet. Idol accounts are an easy target for hackers. They can post fraudulent messages from your profile. If they find that your account has not been monitored, they can gain control and send incorrect information. This can be harmful to your business reputation and name.

Increase your password strength

Think about your password. Are they easy to guess? For example, your date of birth @ 123. Such passwords cannot cut it. And it is not a genius to guess correctly. Even your acquaintance’s date of birth. Instead, create a password that contains a mixture of symbols, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters. Yes, they are hard to remember, but also hard to guess. Also, make it a regular practice to change your password at least once in three months. When possible, go for two-factor authentication. This will only help you with more than one password to stand between your willful hacker and your social media profile. Also, when not in use, log out!

Do not rely on the default settings

You already know that when you create a profile on any social media forum, it is set according to the default settings. The only trouble is that these settings have the lowest standards of security. Mainly because the concept of internet and social media forums was not based on privacy. They were to join freely. But if it is not safe, then you are exposed to threats, which is not even an option. Therefore, manual optimization of your social media profile is mandatory for your safety. Check your privacy settings to ensure better security.

Be careful what you share

You may consider posting your company’s retreat as a harmless and necessary update for your customers. However, the news of leaving office may be useful to invaders and thieves. This is just one example of your unknown and compromised security. If you are running a company, train your employees to work with a safety-focused mindset. Also, make sure that many people/employees screen every post before going live.

Avoid adding your business and personal accounts

If you link your personal and business accounts, you are only facilitating hackers. They can easily target your employees and business. If you want to increase your status via social media platform in Malaysia. You should buy Instagram followers in Malaysia. If they manage to locate the login information of one account, they automatically and easily gain access to the other. Therefore, maintain separate and strong passwords and usernames for each of your social media profiles. For example, if you are an AT&T employee or customer care representative, be the pot! This is better for both you and your company.