If you think 2018 was the year in which there were some remarkable new additions as well as updates in the software industry, then think again. This is because 2019 is predicted to be even bigger and better in terms of software development. Such is the software development trends this year that several previous working methods, as well as technologies, are going to be marked outdated. Don’t believe us? Then take a look at the following five top bespoke software development trends in 2019 and decide for yourself.

Immersive Tech

Although immersive technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality have been around for quite a while, their usage has always been strictly restricted. However, things have changed now as these technologies are being widely adopted in the consumer market. Be it the gaming industry, online and offline retailers, or mobile apps; these technologies are becoming increasingly popular.

The year 2019 is regarded as the breakthrough year in which immersive technologies fill finally take off.

Launch of 5G

With the expected launch of 5G towards the end of 2019, download speeds would soar from around 300mbit per second to 1000mbit per second. This means that the online world is going to be disrupted with several notable as well as accelerated developments, especially in the fields of immersive technologies, internet of things, artificial intelligence, and mobile applications.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Programming machines that think intelligently like humans and complete tasks that were previously only done by humans is the recent trend that’s capturing the imagination of everyone.

With AI embedded in software, better solutions such as automated testing, automatic code generation, and augmented analysis can be offered. From healthcare and education to transport and finance, AI is promising to revolutionize various if not all industries.

Safe to say, artificial intelligence is here to stay given the benefits such as automation and reduced long-term costs that it offers businesses globally.

Internet of Things (IoT)    

In a nutshell, internet of things refers to a comprehensive system of the interconnected devices that share data and analyze it to improve decision making as well as efficiency, solve problems and predict them before they even arise.

Such is the promise of IOT that with it, the sky is the limit.

Cyber Security

Surely, you highly value security in your neighborhood, workplaces, and in your community, don’t you? After all, it is the one thing that allows you to enjoy and express yourself.

Now think of cybersecurity in this digital age. Be it the incidents of Cambridge Analytica or tampering with presidential elections, no one and nothing is safe now, least of all your precious data.

This is why cybersecurity is deemed to be one of the top software trends. Software developers are going to try their best to provide security, which is the primary concern of most businesses and individuals.

Just think of the unimaginable countless ways lost or stolen data could harm you, and you would realize why cybersecurity is a top software development trend this year.


The dynamic world of custom software development knows no bounds. In this technological age, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, and augmented reality to name a few have led to an increase in demand for bespoke software that allows businesses to have a software solution that’s tailor-made for them, in turn, giving them the competitive advantage they so long for.  

So, what are you waiting for? Avail professional software development services today to take advantage of all that the current trends have got to offer and ensure that you remain one step ahead of your competition.