Graphic designing is much more than just pictures and colors. There is a very deep impact of graphical content in digital marketing. In fact, digital marketing depends too much on graphic design mainly, besides depending on quality content too. And a large portion of content again is actually graphical. Hence the importance of graphics and its quality and design is evident.

Graphics to influence customers

Customers are influenced to a large extent through graphics. Speak of the site theme colors, content font color, background color, banners and pictures, infographic content, ads, and posters, and you would see everything has their own influence on arresting customer attention. That is why when a site is designed, graphics is given utmost importance, and user interface-based designs are implemented based on customer behavior and reaction to various types of graphical content.

Graphics are used as a very important and effective tool to capture user attention and retain visitors on to a web page. Businesses need to use graphical content very seriously and must realize the extremely involving role of such content in propagating the business, promoting sales, aid in branding, and help in marketing. The more businesses are marketing online through social media platforms, the more increasingly graphical contents are being designed and used.

Types of graphic

Graphic designs are not confined to pictures and posters. There are varied types of graphics. Graphics refer to a content which is visually stimulating to convey data or information which is meaningful to the viewers. No limitation binds graphics to a certain type. A monotone diagram or photograph is a graphic, and again a colored picture, drawing, animation or diagram is also a graphic, and similarly, a chart or Infographic or mathematical, a graphical representation is also a graphic. Anything that is depicted in the form of a picture or photo or drawing etc., to convey some message to the viewing eyes is graphic.

Communication design

Graphic designing is also referred to as communication designing, and this is called visual communication. That’s because a graphic helps you communicate with your viewers and convey your message, story, moral, data, or any other thing to them in a form which does not requires reading necessarily. Some graphics definitely have text on it where the user may have to read it to understand better. But the normal intent of a graphic is to communicate fast and effectively by stimulating the visual senses faster and better than what plain text would do. That is why this is an effective and fast mode of communication. A user will have to read a text and interpret its meaning in mind to get the underlying meaning, idea, and data. But in the case of graphics, this processing is faster and better in the brain. That is why a page of textual data which needs 10 minutes of careful reading can be easily and compactly represented through graphical data.

Definitely, this form of communication needs guidance from marketing experts to become more effective in communicating and promoting a website. Also, this needs a creative touch to a huge extent so that graphics can be used as a great tool to communicate. A graphic lessens the use of text and also gets processed in the brain faster. Also, graphical data crosses the linguistic barriers, and hence one may understand the information shared without having to read or understand the language. For all these reasons, graphic designing is done with a lot of care and after some gala market research, so that a graphic can be made the right way to stimulate viewers and increase the conversion rates in a website.

Branding through graphics

Branding is actually not possible without good graphics. Whether you make a logo or a picture for your brand identity, you would have to use it repetitively, and suitably at places to create your brand presence. Proper, contextual, and suitable use of a branding logo or image is a must to dominate the visual senses of viewers everywhere. The graphic has a very strong influential role to play for branding.

Influence your visitors immediately

No other form of content imparts a message as fast as a graphic. The text takes time to read and understand, and videos also demand that you watch it through a considerable length or full length to get understood. Similarly, a podcast or audio clip has to be listened to for some time to understand the meaning. A graphic does not demand that. Users can immediately get the meaning or information in a graphic at a glance, and this also gets registered in the mind better and more prominently.

Tell a story

You can tell a story through a graphic. Graphics have always been used to tell stories, right from the beginning of human civilization. Today the use of graphics in online marketing is for telling stories of a brand, a product, an incident, a cause, a process, news, and many such things. Graphics are an excellent way to squeeze huge amounts of information into small pellets that can be presented in a small screen area and saves the user from reading loads of text and sending lots of time. Moreover, stories and messages conveyed through graphics look much more interesting to grab and absorb.

Tag things with graphics

Graphics help in tagging pieces of information and content too. Use your site logo on the browser tab or information bar with any graphics, and you successfully associate it with your website’s brand or image. That is how graphics help in tagging anything successfully.


Digital marketing relies highly on the use of graphical content and the visual communications aided by them. Therefore, for better marketing, you must have the best graphical designers in your kitty, who can help you with designing and use of the best possible graphics while collaborating with your marketing consultant and expert. The better you are at making and sharing graphics through the apt platform, the better you would be creating the brand awareness and market for you.