It’s just the end of 2019 and the trends which will rule 2020 are clearly visible. It seems like the upcoming trends are a mashup of old and new trends. If we put it this way that 2020 trends of best logo design will have everything in it, on which designers have been working on for the last few years with the introduction to new directions, then it won’t be wrong. But one thing we must be aware of, just like the new decade and new year, all of the designs will be totally new and fresh for an all-new decade.

Let’s just have a look at what 2020 will unleash to the world!

1> 3D Gradient

The very worth watching trend for 2020 is the amalgamation of Gradients with 3D which will be best and exciting for our smartphone culture. Designers continuously keep playing with colors and shades to add a little interest and in 2020, it seems like they have some big stuff to present.

Gradients are a superb way to give life to colors and shades and this way give disclosure to the designer’s ideas. This year, designers will give priority to create depth and 3D effects in logos. Especially tapered gradients are assumed to rock 2020 logo design trends.

Gradient trend was initiated by Instagram but it got ridiculed badly and faced mockery by almost everyone back then and afterward, the internet saw a flood of gradient logos. Now many companies are fastening their seatbelts to provide similar but more enhanced logo design services.

2> Ultra-thin lines

Minimalism is a very common trend that has risen so much in recent years and now it is about to pave its way in logo world too. Being easier to manipulate and adaptable to the image of the company, these are the choice every designer wants to make.

Furthermore, they have the capability to convey specific messages. For example, if there are wavy lines used in a logo, it gives the feeling of calmness and clarification if we associate it to ocean waves.

Meanwhile, ultra-thin lines are the easiest way to create a logo to tell everything about a brand effectively. Even if you are not able to think of some colorful logo, then 2020 gives you a chance to just play with thin lines. This way, it’ll prove to be a very great opportunity for companies to offer the best professional logo design services and stand out in the race.

3> Responsive logos

User-friendly design is something that never goes out of style. We have experienced it with responsive websites and now we are about to see this in logos too. A responsive logo is the one that adapts to different screen sizes just like a responsive website. Whether it is a desktop on which you are viewing it or a smartphone or tablet, it always looks the best it can like the logo of Treble by Stanislav Levishchev or the very famous Disney logo.

4> Animations and motion graphics

It’s a common perception that business logo designs are for business cards and product packaging purposes mainly so they have to be still and stationary but 2020 is about to change that perspective. Since video and animation have become an integral part of the visual branding, we will be seeing this trend in logos too in 2020.

Animated logos might have been tried by designers in the past, but in 2020 they tend to make them more and more complex as well as more interesting and useful. Designers are more likely to use the blend of 2D and 3D animation in logos as well as the multiple moving parts to make their logos more extravagant and expressive. This year, they want to tell stories with their complex logo animations and this way, try to touch the hearts of their users.

Final Thoughts:
As it’s a well knows fact that the 21st century brought few problems with itself and boredom and stress are one of them. If we look at it psychologically, people spin the spinner for hours just to cut time or involve in different hazardous activities to avoid the stress they are facing in their daily life. In this time of prevailing stress and depression, animated and innovative logos can put a relaxing effect on their brains.

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