How would you want to see more than a thousand islands patched along the gleaming Croatian coastline in the Adriatic Sea? Sounds fun, right? Don’t worry if you’ve already heard that the majority of these islands are not inhabited. A good number of them are worth your precious time.

Why should island hop in Croatia be top on the list of your holiday ideas? We give you five reasons and let you discover the rest when your vacation materializes.

1. Natural beauty and culture

The Dalmatian Islands of Lastovo, Hvar, Vis, Korcula, Solta, and Brac gives tourists a one of a kind peek into the natural beauty and culture of Croatia. If you love nature, these islands should be on your bucket list.

A popular summer resort, Hvar Island boasts of 13th-century walls as well as the Renaissance Hvar Cathedral. For sunbathing, join a crowd of sunbathers in Dubovica Beach Resorts. Take a picturesque break in the Lavender fields.

To get a close view of botanical gardens, historic fort, and the Dead Sea, consider taking a day trip from the city of Dubrovnik to Lokrum Island. While it is a small island, your trip will be worthwhile.

2. Scuba diving 

You can’t wait to scuba dive and snorkel? How about you do it in the crystal blue waters of Croatia? During your cruise, you will get the chance to scuba right off the boat. If the weather conditions and visibility are in your favor, don’t let that magical moment pass you by.

3. Secluded beaches 

If you wish to get a view of the secluded beaches that aren’t accessible via land, consider a cruise. These beaches have stunning coastlines, and you wouldn’t want to miss the view. Due to inaccessibility through the land, these beaches and inlets receive fewer tourists. Use this opportunity to enjoy some good time on the water.

4. Historic cities

You cannot purport to have seen all the Croatian’s most beautiful and historic cities if you haven’t visited the ones located along the coast. One of the old towns that stand apart is Dubrovnik. The 16th century stone walls that surround the city are stunning if viewed from the sea. Dubrovnik has a well preserved real history from ancient times. For the ultimate indulgence, visit this city either in May or September.

The old Korcula town is also worth your precious time. The coastal fortress drips with history. Its marble streets are rich in Renaissance as well as Gothic architecture. Korcula town is simply a stunner. The city accommodates a harbor that opens up over round defensive towers. It features a dense cluster of houses with red roofs and rustling palms all over. The numerous beaches are a walk away. If you prefer another mode of transport, you may consider using Korcula taxi or a bus. It offers the quickest and easiest way to get around town and also access nearby places.

5. Maximum indulgence with the Mediterranean diet

Fresh fish is king everywhere along the coast and in the islands too. When was the last time you ate a freshly roasted fish? The only additions are lemon and locally-produced olive oil (sprinkled on top). The vegetables and fruits you eat are organic.
Accessing Croatian Islands

Does the idea of a cruise excite you?

What is your idea of cruising?

At the mention of cruises, many people picture a huge ship characterized with formal dinners – something that might put off fun lovers. If that’s what has been keeping you from enjoying a trip to Croatia, you may need to rethink your decision.

Would you rather travel by ferry, bus or taxi? Whatever suits you is perfectly okay. You just have to determine the best way of getting around for each island.

Consider looking for a central location to stay and then operate from it as you take each day at a time.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and make your way to Croatia. Did I mention that you also benefit from the salty sea air? It is among the best cures for an exhausted and stressed person. Spend as much time on the sea, and by the time your vacation is over, you will be feeling rejuvenated and more energetic than ever.