The students of today are the ones who will who build up the pillars for the future. It is quite important to motivate them to perform well in education and in the overall society. Here, the function of the college faculty is to observe the academic trail of the students evidently and facilitate them to lay down their goals and objectives. Those students who are inherently forced require little push as they are inquisitive from within and get enthralled to master a subject matter or attain their objectives. Though a bulk of the students is extrinsically motivated and they require a steady push from exterior perhaps in the form of a counselor to direct them in the correct track.

Students will always get motivated if teachers engage them and facilitate them to obtain a dynamic role in their classrooms. Nowadays, a lecture with verbal communication only does not hold any significance any more and there should be more vibrant activities that can assist students to keep their motivation levels on the top. Here, the teacher must perform as a trainer and facilitator to assist and guide students and to help them attain top motivation levels. Here, we explain the top five activities that motivate college students and assist them to achieve a successful life.

  1. Test them with creative thinking

To motivate students, testing them with creative thinking is one of the most useful options to assist students to turn up with creative results. By providing them with open-ended questions, the teachers facilitate students to reflect and think out of the box and build an attempt to check and confront their creative thinking. “Apart from achieving academic brilliance, a refined creative thinking ability can assist students to develop them as more creative individuals.” says by Julia, an editor at Essay Writer. When students have to come up with a solution, they will become motivated to think differently and creatively. Creative thinking always inspires motivation level and helps a student reach a top level.

  1. Field trips and motivational games

Sometimes, listening to a lecture or writing notes in a classroom can become a very boring activity for the student which is instrumental in increasing the factors that avoid the element of motivation among them. Here, the college authorities must plan for some motivating field tours after the conclusion of every semester. Also, it would be a good idea to assign students some goals to accomplish at the end of each semester and if they achieve their goals, the college administration must pay a gift to them in the form of a field trip. This activity will assist students to come with shining ideas to attain their goals in time. In addition, there are plenty of motivational games that can be facilitated by the college administration for the students to be played as individuals or in groups. So, the college faculty must find some time in between the classes to engage students in such games that would be useful to motivate the students.

  1. Provide them an opportunity to lead

The leadership always comes up with great responsibility and obligations. So, providing students with leadership roles can be instrumental in promoting the motivation factor among them. It would be an excellent initiative to offer each student an opportunity to lead at some stage in the classroom. By doing this, students will increase the sense of responsibility that will inspire and motivate them to take challenges in their lives ahead. It is significant to present students with good freedom in the classroom and welcome their ideas and talk about them. This would make students feel their importance and they would consider themselves as an important part of the class.

  1. Give proper feedback, provide training and track progress

Proper and timely feedback by the teachers is always better to develop motivation level among students. If students receive feedback from their teachers, it would help them build a steady platform to achieve success in their academics. In addition, it is vital to train students on specific parts that require progress. This makes them motivated and increases the level of their self-belief to begin their new chapter with confidence. The college faculty can organize and facilitate a variety of programs and training sessions related to personality development with the help of experts to improve their negative aspects. Nowadays, it is common in colleges or universities to arrange and facilitate personality assessment programs that are really useful to develop the motivation factor among the students. On the other hand, analyzing and tracking the progress of the students is also important as it will help them to motivate and improve on the areas in which they are lacking.

  1. Hold them accountable

To motivate students, it is quite imperative to perceive and observe them as grown individuals and teachers can do this by providing them with tasks and holding them accountable for them. This will assist them to build up a sense of responsibility and they will begin to identify themselves as an important person. When students are held responsible for the specific tasks or academic projects, they feel the motivation to perform well and bring the best of the results. So, it’s always a better idea to provide students with various tasks that inspires and motivates them. In addition, it is similarly imperative to become a team player as well by working in a group. When students work in groups, it assists them to understand different people around them and arrive at a solution as a group. Also, working in a group motivates students to articulate their own opinions and views while giving equal significance to the point of view of others.

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