Again a night full of discomfort and fluctuating sleeping pattern!

‘Night for sleeping and day for working’ has been heard many times. That being said are we able to reciprocate it. Well no! Many of us never took it seriously. Sleeping pattern fluctuates by our unhealthy habits, ignorance, and lack of relaxing atmosphere.

What happens if you’re sleeping pattern is disturbed?

Being awake for nineteen hours with hectic schedule driving you crazy, lay on the bed for only 5 to 4 hours will make you dysfunctional the next morning.

You will give an invitation to many uninvited guests such as restless night, sleeping disorder, poor cognitive function, traffic accidents, and early death.

In a study of WHO (World Health Organization) two-thirds of adults have a sleeping disorder where they could not complete 8 hours of sleep pattern in developing nation.  Most of the students sleeping pattern get disturbed, which enable them to perform perfectly and find assignment help UK online from their teachers.

In the article of life hack, 50% person individuals have problems sleeping in which 65% of them fail to get 8 hours of sleep regularly.

The biggest reason is technology interference in our life. When tech time is replacing bedtime, people scroll their smartphones, laptop, and iPads in their bed. In a recent article of said children between six to seventeen years tend to sleep with their gadgets.

Keeping a gadget near you will disturb your pattern of sleep, thanks to late night conversations and messages, emails, or alarm reminders.

Gadgets which makes your sleep more satisfying

However, there are technologies which are making you incapable of sleeping some of them can be totally opposite. Yes! There are the latest tech gadgets which will make your night satisfying and peaceful.

But first, let’s find out what these gadgets can do to your sleep.

Gadget Specification
Philips Somneo Breathing exercise, control properties, adjustment light
Dream headband EEG sensors, pulse oximeter, 3D accelerometer
Sleeping mask Traveling friendly and comfortable material.
Fitbit charge 2 Watch band, tracking device, multiple purposes.
Ooler Control temperature, Bluetooth device, and charger.
Rest bed Find the best position to fit in. trace your live pressure and map it.
Neuro beat Converting your music into RAB tech.
Philips snoring relief band Control your snoring habits with vibratos.
Umey rest Glass-like device for seven minutes of sleep.


Light Therapy Alarm-Philips Somneo wake you up energetically

You set an alarm for 9 AM and fall a deep sleep but suddenly you wake up being shocked by the horrifying sound of alarm dabbing in near your head.  This distortion leads to headache and paralyzed for a second. Your brain cannot function properly with a shocking incident. However, there is an object which is perfect for you. A mild therapy lamp and sunrise alarm clock which will wake you up naturally control your sleeping pattern make you energetic. The best part is its adjustable LED lights make your eyes full of sleep and

Dreem head band-relax your sleepless night

Are you one of them who are unable to distinguish the pattern of sleep, why it is taking long hours to fall asleep?  With that in you will explore a device which can help you track your brain centric and monitor your sleeping pattern. This device helps you not only track your sleep but make possible changes near future to get in track of your routine. You will find many more features such as smart alarm, breathing techniques, and tech coach which will guide you back and ford. The best part is you can compare your sleeping pattern with numbers night tonight to improvise and adjust your sleeping habits.

Sleep mask traveling can be so relaxing

While sleeping you face many issues such as noises, light can be prevalent which may distract you while you’re in bed.

These sleeping masks are good to make you sleep faster with ease. Many companies have invented features sleeping mask for not only for your bed but also for traveling purpose.

If we talk about Tempur-Pedic sleep mask you will find it comfortable while wearing it, the soft foam material which is design as Tempur-Pedic mattress.

It does not tighten on your face but mild like texture is easy to wear without any discomfort.

If you want a better option then try out Hicarer  30–piece eye mask that is easy to carry out. This piece of smaller sleep mask may not look attractive but is handy and traveler friendly.

Fitbit charge 2- Smart band

You probably seen a smartwatch or an iWatch that works like a smartphone, tracks your heartbeat, foresee how many miles you have walk and your blood pressure rate.

These gadgets were for fitness lovers however, now you will find sleeping gadgets which enable you to track your sleep, heart rate while sleeping.

Cherry on the top, you won’t find a device most accurate of all other wearable. The most satisfying feeling is you can carry out anywhere you want. Its property distinguish itself with others that locate your sleep time, sleep hours and set goals for each sleeping schedule and reminders make you wake up on time.

Ooler-cooling sensation in bed

When sleeping you found yourself moving around on bed, rolling her in there and changing positions.

It is due to the temperature of your bed during summers the bed feels like scorching sun landed on our bed. And in winters it cools so much that you might shiver from cold.

This unadjusted temperature can affect the sleeping pattern make you drowsy in the morning. Ooler is the best choice no more waking up at nights for hot and cold sensation. Ooler device is the optimization of temperature which has 3 basic component outer layer cooling system, hydro layer and mattress covering it. you can control this device accordingly with the help of your smart phones and place it under the bed for relax sleep.

ReST bed-truly soothing

Make your muscles tense and smooth sleep their motive. This is the right choice for that fit right to your requirements. The device comes along with Samsung galaxy tablet which track your live pressure recording, easily regulate comfortable, relief pressure and enhances firmness.

It comes with features such as tracing the position you move and set your way in which you find your favorite spot. You and your partner have different choices in terms of bed position for instance you need a flat surface mattress and your partner prefer the hard one. It can adjust accordingly to your own preferences with firmness and comfortable sleeping.

Umay rest-feels like a sci-fic character

The small gadget cover your eyes and make you sleep with in seven minutes is surely effective in relaxing your eyes muscles. This small device works wonders as placed on the eyes, feels like a warm cloth stick to my eyes which moves around slowly producing heat but not make it discomfort. Regularly place it on about seven minute’s time.

This is the best way of getting rid of smart phones or anything in general. The plus point it make you forcefully lay down and relax for a moment flush out all the thoughts build up in your mind.

Philips relief band-get rid of snoring completely

Snoring is the main issue of sleeping as it not only distracts you but your partner as well. Through technology you can control your sleeping habits quickly.  It says that you mostly snore while you are lifted on front or back of your body.

So basically, this device is wrapped up around your chest area all over to the back, making vibrators on and off when you shift your body.

These vibrators goes on when you shift your body on front or back not so hard enough to wake you up. It sensor your movement and make you position in a way where you can sleep without disturbing your left one. This all practice is known as positional therapy.

Neuro beat-portable speaker with RBS tech

Neuro beat is a device of Korean company Dlogixs, which has features of converting any sound into RBS technology system. The two product category Neuro Beat Puck and Neuro Beat Compact, these two systems are the sleeping aid, sleep care.

This portable device can be carried anywhere at any time. For instance you want to relax in a peaceful environment such as park where fresh wind make your body toned down laying in a mattress, take out the portal device set your favorite music and lay underneath a tree. Such a satisfying feeling, having soundless sleep with Bluetooth head set and chargeable cable.

These devices can make your sleeping habits improved and sleep relaxed until next morning. These devices are 2019 trends which will help you from many problems at the same time. Let’s see what next would be on the list of sleeping technology. Hope for the best new gadgets that can not only overcome the tension of sleep but other issues etc.